How to Improve Your Correct Score Predictions

Correct Score Predictions

What is Correct Score Betting?

Betting on the correct score of a football match is a quite difficult task. On the other hand, making correct score predictions can be very exciting and extremely profitable. You can bet on the correct score at half time, too. Also, there is a type of betting for a given score to occur at any point during the match. Correspondingly, it is called anytime correct score betting but in general, a correct score bet relates to what the score is at full time. This includes injury time but not, unless specifically stated, extra time in cup games.


Correct Score Betting Tips and Strategy

Football is such an unpredictable game that picking which side will win can be hard enough, let alone hitting the exact correct score. Also, because of the difficulty in making accurate football predictions, the bookies use statistical models for most of their odds setting, meaning that mistakes and odds that are genuinely out of line are very rare, especially for the bigger matches/leagues/tournaments.

For these reasons we would suggest that few if any, people make a living or even a long term profit from betting on correct scores in football. That doesn’t, however, mean it isn’t a great bet but it does mean that for most people it should probably be viewed as a fun bet, rather than a real money-maker.

Betting on the correct score is a brilliant way to liven up a dull match or add extra spice and interest to any game and because of the high odds, you can win large amounts of money from relatively small stakes. A $5 bet on which side will win may not seem worth it, but a $5 bet on 2-2 at odds of 30 is another matter entirely and, unless one team races to two goals or the match is very low scoring, is also a bet that should keep you interested for most of the match.

This is only one of the many amazing things about betting on the exact score in football, especially if you are placing the bet primarily for fun. Statistically, most bets are likely to stay live for an extended period.



Factors to be considered for correct score predictions

If you’re going to have a bet on the correct score then you really need to do some research. It’s crucial because this isn’t the easiest of bets out there in the first place. Also, it’s not just a question of guessing the result correctly but the score too. Therefore, match odds can be so rewarding.


Exact Score Tips

  • Consider only league games – Cup and friendly matches throw up all sorts of results. Furthermore, they can often be missed as the scheduling is erratic, for example, replays on Wednesdays mean you could miss a game by accident.
  • Pick teams that win very often (or lose).
  • Follow the same team(s) throughout the season. The goal is to catch the result when it happens through patience and discipline.
  • Home/Away stats are irrelevant here and there is no need for consideration.
  • Choose the same one or two maximum correct scores when betting on your teams throughout the season.


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