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How to Bet Corners: Top Corner Betting Strategies and Tips

How to Bet Corners: Top Corner Betting Strategies and Tips

Corner bets

The development of technology, the ability to directly monitor what is happening in various matches and the availability of authorized companies for data and statistics have brought all sorts of options for betting the most avid fans.

The final outcome and goals are not the only method of play. See in the following article the most important for corner bets.

Professional football professionals not only use the bets on the winner and the total number of goals, but also look for various methods to increase their success.

We will present you a similar way, which does not require deep knowledge of the matter, but is associated with some side factors and direct observations.

Well, these are our favorite corner bets, which are offered by more and more bookmakers.

You will find alternative forecasting options, which we will discuss in the article. Get ready for winning slips and a drastic increase in customer balance.


Analyzing the tactics of the teams


Analysis of betting tactics

And from the very beginning comes the most serious obstacle for corner bettors.

Ignorance of the teams leads to incorrect assessment of the circumstances and consequently to lost coupons.

It is important to monitor the relevant clubs, to be aware of their capabilities in attack and organization in defense, to give specific and reasonable assumptions.

Luck also plays a role in this endeavor, but it will be good if we minimize his involvement.

Get acquainted with the tactical arrangements of the respective formations.

Many teams change their style according to the opponent and the venue of the match. They play openly and offensively at home, but outside they strive to systematize the defensive shaft and cover a wider perimeter.

Logically, this leads to the closure of the defensive zones and frequent cleaning of the ball, sometimes in the corner.

Determine the capabilities of both teams when it comes to counterattacks.

Teams that rely on fast-footed players are more likely to take corner kicks .

They create fast and furious offensives in the direction of the opponent's goal, which forces their opponents to eliminate the ball from the danger zone in a panic.

But here comes another important question - where do the attacks themselves come from ?!

If the team acts entirely through the center or clumsily organizes their counterattacks on the flank, then the possibility of more angles instantly evaporates.

As you can see for yourself, corner prediction is not an elementary chapter in the world of betting, on the contrary, it requires skills and analysis of every detail before the collision.


Plot and development of the meeting

Corner bets are a live-in-play discipline that is directly related to the circumstances on the field and the change in the result.

Let's say that Barcelona is visiting the tailings Alaves, but the match does not go according to plan for the Blaugranas.

The hosts have taken the lead in the result and are trying in every possible way to keep their lead. This will immediately lead to massive attacks by the Catalans, and the action will take place entirely in the middle of Alaves.

Thus, frequent crossings and dangers will increase the likelihood of corner kicks due to panic actions in the defense of the weaker team.

Of course, there are other examples of matches with a high probability of angles.

If one of the teams needs vital success, he will strive for more violent attacks, will center a balloon in the opponent's penalty area and this will increase the number of corners.

However, we recommend that you find out about the tactical instructions of the two mentors or follow a small fragment of the meeting.

This will clearly illustrate the style of the teams involved and will show whether they are looking for quick flank attacks, or rely on calmer play in the central area.


Choosing the right market


Corner bets

Corner markets do not end with predicting a final winner on this indicator. The alternatives offered by the online companies cover a much wider range, filling all the probabilities for the development of the match. Yes, this applies to the matches of our familiar championships, but the proposals are extremely interesting and attractive.


Here is a list of the most common corner betting markets

  • Outright - Equivalent to the end result by looking for the team with the highest number of corners
  • Total corners under over ) - Reminiscent of goal bets, but here we depend entirely on corner statistics. The most common lines are 9.5 and 10.5, but in "more corner" teams this bet can increase significantly.
  • First to 3,5,7 or 9 ) - You are required to predict who will reach the limit first.
  • Number of corners - Unlike the market "Total", here requires proper forecasting of corners in a certain perimeter. For example, whether they will be 6-8, 9-11, etc.
  • Asian Handicap Corners - This event occurs in two ways in bookmakers. You can look for a winner with an Asian handicap or directly predict an Asian corner line.
  • Team corners - The market is influenced only by the corner kicks of one team. It comes in the form of an option with 2 options - below or above.
  • Corners first half - Predictions are based on what happened only in the first half. You can bet on generally executed corner kicks or predict the driver on this indicator before the break.
  • First 10 minutes - The brands Bet365 and Efbet include in their platforms quick cash games related to corner prediction during the first 10 minutes of the match. In most cases, a minimum of 1 corner kick is required to predict the event.


Live corner bets


As we emphasized above in the guide, corners are their specialized segment of online betting and depend on what happened on the field.

You need correct information about changes in both rows, instant statistics and current result to make the right choice.

You can also use live streaming features that give you a quality live picture of selected events.

Live bets do not have as many diverse markets, but rather the focus is on standard bets for total corners and the final winner.

Here, however, you need reflexes and quick thinking, as the lines are constantly changing and the odds are changing drastically compared to pre-announced rates.

Some bookmakers do not include live corners, so check the range before starting a strategy.


Statistical indicators


Statistics corners

In corners, this factor is in much lower percentages than predicting the final winner.

Don't be fooled by the corner kicks of both teams in the last matches. For example, if the teams involved perform a significant amount of static positions, this is a prerequisite for more cautious actions in matches between them.

The coaches will give instructions for more careful clearing of the ball without being sent behind the out line. Thus, high expectations can be completely shattered.

If you are still a fan of statistics and believe that they play a significant role in determining the bet, look for information on the last 6 matches of the teams. Check the total number of corners, the frequency of winning and their average percentage. For weaker teams, pay attention to the average number of corners allowed.


Top 5 corners forecast tips


The long-awaited moment has come when we will announce our views on the forecasting of corner kicks and will give valuable guidance for high success.

Follow them, avoid inaccuracies and you will be generously rewarded for your perseverance.


Bet on teams with fast winger players

This will increase the percentage probability of taking corners. Avoid teams with strong inner midfielders who control the game, as it is a prerequisite for more monotonous actions through the central area.


Audience at close range

The enthusiasm of the stands is transferred to the field, so the louder and more emotional the audience, the more likely the teams to perform corner kicks. Examples are the English Premier League , the Spanish Primera Division and the German Bundesliga . See what happens at the Allianz Arena matches ...


Household advantage

If a team starts strongly in each home clash, this is a good opportunity to predict more than 0.5 corners in the first 10 minutes.


The strong team loses in the result

There is no better development than this. If the favorite in the match allows an unexpected goal, the attacks will certainly become more frequent and the number of corners will increase dramatically.


Corners at the end of the half 

This is the most active interval of football matches. Then the players are more tired and prone to mistakes in defense, especially in static situations.


The best bookmakers for corner bets


We explained in detail the individual fragments in the prediction of angular impacts.

However, it is important to outline the framework provided by individual bookmakers in order to choose the right solution for us.

Among the active sites focusing on corner bets are the English Bet365 and 1xbet .

They offer a wide range of markets, while providing quite high odds to their customers.

In Bulgaria, Efbet imposes a tendency to increase corner bets, and 7777 has become the first brand to add such proposals to the matches of the First League.

Don't be conservative, experiment!

The end is not the only opportunity before you, so be creative and discover new waters.

The more variable your bets, the higher the probability of a positive profit.

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