How Does Virtual Football Betting Works

how virtual football betting works

Football Betting involves two scenarios, it is either you bet on real/normal games or you bet on virtual simulated games.

What then exactly is virtual betting? Virtual betting entails betting on computer-based games which are programmed by individual bookmakers to suit their taste.

The results of events are manipulated by algorithms which provide the end results in a “fair way”. In virtual betting matches are always available 24/7 for interested players there is no off-season in virtual betting.

Betting companies are seriously looking for new avenues to offer their clients additional fresh betting opportunities. Virtual football betting has therefore, become an integral part of every betting company betting advantages


Virtual betting provides bettors with a new user experience and entertainment, however, the new phenomenon has regularly been criticized on social media for various reason ranging from assumed manipulations and computations.

This process involves betting on virtual games that are set up by whichever bookmaker or site you choose. The outcomes from each match or event are generated by a computer algorithm which picks the winner in a non-compromising way.

Moreover, games can be played nonstop without interruptions, every day for players wishing to stake. Clients bet on the eventual result of their chose event/team by taking into account the various odds offered, the pseudo-statistics and player profiles that are provided by the bookmakers.


Features of Football Virtual Sports Betting

Today, as many more bookmakers begin to offer virtual sports betting options the graphics and features offered are becoming very creative and advanced.

The virtual football matches that clients can stake on and watch are created after real-life stadiums and dressing rooms. The advanced graphics will make you feel like you are actually in the stadium.. In some virtual stimulated leagues, there are even commentaries to go with the events and celebrations of various players are also displayed.

Majority of the popular bookmakers even have fans singing the clubs anthem.

In virtual betting the bettors pick their assumed outcome of each game, basing their guess on different odds which are offered by the virtual trader.


The Virtual Football Betting Secrets You Should Know


A thing to note in virtual betting includes:

  1. The odds offered are very similar to those in real-life games
  2. Options abound from straight wins, to draw, double chance, home and away to score goals, over and under 2.5 goals and correct scores
  3. There is a team table to show how each team progresses along the season (take the table with a pinch of the salt)
  4. The graphics are made to look real and very advanced


3 Main Merits of Virtual Football Betting

  1. It is very fast and you know the result instantly. This is one of the major attractions that come with virtual soccer. A lot of people save themselves the headache of waiting for outcomes of games; therefore they prefer virtual which the result is instant.
  2. Games are repeated randomly, therefore you can guess to win the game. Virtual soccer is basically programmed data and statistics, therefore some of the games are repeated which gives customers clues and hope; however, the timing of the games is what is not known.
  3. You are paid on the spot. Nobody wants to wait for long before been paid cash. This is one of the many attractions of virtual betting; you win immediately and paid immediately.


4 Major Demerit of Virtual Football Betting

  1. Virtual betting is very addictive. Like most betting, playing virtual soccer can be very addictive and affect someone. Therefore people are advised to always play virtual soccer without pressure and at intervals. Addictiveness should be discouraged in all forms.
  2. It can be easily manipulated by the bookmaker. Bet traders hire programmers who model virtual, therefore the virtual are always manipulated to favor the bookmakers. No matter how smart one believes he or she is, you can never outwit a computer.
  3. It is programmed by bet traders for bookmakers to always win. Like the points above, the bookmakers always win and can never lose. Take head.
  4. You lose money very fast. It takes so long to make money why should one lose it so fast. Playing virtual can make you lose your hard earned money in a jiffy; therefore it will be unwise for you to play virtual regularly.


In conclusion, virtual betting has its ups and downs, its merits and demerits just like every other normal aspect of life, but if you play it, don’t be sucked down … Know when to leave, be wise.


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