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How did Arsenal agree to this? The gunners continue to pay crazy money to Ozil

How did Arsenal agree to this? The gunners continue to pay crazy money to Ozil

Mesut Ozil left Arsenal in January and continued his career at Fenerbahce.

The German left the Gunners after almost eight years in the team, after not falling into the plans of Mikel Arteta. The midfielder did not play a single minute of the season, as he was not registered at all, so he decided it was best to leave Arsenal.

The former Real Madrid player had a contract with Arsenal until the end of the season, according to which he earned almost 350 thousand pounds a week. It was clear why Ozil didn't want to leave early.

In January, it was announced that Arsenal and Ozil had reached an agreement to end their cooperation and the 32-year-old became a free agent, after which he signed with Fenerbahce until the summer of 2024.

Arsenal are still paying Ozil, although they terminated their contract with him four months ago.

Arsenal and Ozil have agreed that the club will continue to pay his salary until the end of this season, ie until the end of the contract that the player had.

Ozil agreed to leave the club in this way, and Arsenal eventually approved the termination of his contract and agreed to pay him what was due under the contract.

The Atheletic reported that Arsenal still pay about 90% of Ozil's salary, which is about 315 thousand pounds a week.

This means that Ozil will collect 7.38 million pounds from the club, although his contract was terminated, which is really amazing.

Fenerbahce, for its part, is obliged to pay the remaining 45,000 pounds a week until the end of the season and then they will agree on new terms.

It really remains a mystery how Arsenal agreed to all this.

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