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How can a beginner win in football betting?

How can a beginner win in football betting?

Free football predictions on our website are the best option for beginners who are just trying to turn a hobby into a stable method of making money. Why is it necessary to use our services? It's very simple - each match is considered from a large number of factors .

Position in the standings.

Sometimes a notorious outsider is much more motivated than a team that is higher in the standings.


Form of teams and leaders.

This figure is often measured in at least 5 most recent games (not counting friendly or charity meetings). Even with 5 wins out of 5 matches, it's important to keep track of the team leaders. All players are counted, from the goalkeeper to the scorers. This assessment is carried out by the opponent too.

Face-to-face meetings (including derby).

The outcome of past games is taken into account here. Derby is always a principled meeting that can change the statistics without even affecting the points of the standings, it is more important here to confirm your level.

Favorites versus outsiders.

The best predictions for favorites have low odds. Outsider betting can be very profitable, but it is important to consider the interest of each team.

The opinion of the bookmakers.

The more bets a bettor makes in a bookmaker (it does not matter, online or land-based office), the more the office earns. Despite this, when making bets, it is necessary to take into account the set odds of betting on football. Large bookmakers have very strong analysts and their opinion cannot be ignored.

Football statistics should be taken into account.

The dry language of numbers always speaks more than unfounded statements.

Losses in teams.

All clubs have their own leaders. With injuries or penalties, the team clearly sags in front of the opponent.

The relationship between fans and players.

Unfortunately, even the political component must be taken into account in making accurate forecasts. For example, players from Ukraine in Russian clubs may be disliked or underestimated, etc. Not honored, and the transition from one eminent club to another, within the same league.


When making predictions, it is important to understand that the main person on the field is the referee and the entire refereeing team. Even minor actions can break the team's game.

Field condition, weather conditions.

It is important to consider this point. We definitely pay attention to this factor when making forecasts. With rainy weather and an unequipped roof arena, it is hardly worth hoping for great performance. Also, bad weather can prevent a more technical team from playing their game.

Even using our forecasts for free, you can make confident bets and get a profit from it.

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