Handicap Betting vs Spread Betting

spread betting vs handicap betting

Betting is an old-time event among the young and old but in present time, it is a race and considered a quick and best way of making loads of profit. In fact, if anyone hasn’t cached in yet in the betting market, such is considered to be anti-internet or better still, someone who isn’t interested in making cool cash. All over the world, there are numerous sports and games which can be staked upon with various markets to consider and choose from. Some of them – to mention but a few – are over-goals market, straight-win market, draw markets, spread market and handicap market. Our major discussion will be centred on the handicap and spread market.


Spread Betting

Spread betting has been used for many years. However, due to its complexity, not every bookmaker involves in this type of betting. This betting format is premised on how accurate (or inaccurate) the staker{s} is on a number of predictions. The bookie establishes a betting spread according to what he believes the likely event will work out, it is now left to the wager to decide whether he/she thinks the actual event will be greater or lower than the predicted spread. In essence, everything spread betting involves is always calculated on an increase or decrease in agreement. This is the reason spread betting works out perfectly for certain gambling markets. Basically, the total number of goals scored in a particular match makes for a very interesting market that works particularly with spread betting.

Football Spread Bet explained;

New England Patriots vs. Liverpool Total Goals – Sell 2.8 | Buy 3.0

Buy at 3.0

If the result is 5 goals then you would win 2.0 multiply by your stake.

If the result is 2 goals then you would lose 1.5 multiply by your stake.

Sell at 2.8

If the result is 5 goals then you would lose 2.2 multiply by your stake.

If the result is 2 goals then you would win 0.9 multiply by your stake


Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is also referred to as line betting, points betting, spread betting, or Asian handicap. It is a regular custom in points-based sports, e.g. football, basketball, rugby and tennis. It is not limited to these but also frequently used in racing events, especially in horse racing. It is the process whereby a bookmaker twists a sporting event in which there are varied odds into an even money contest by giving a virtual advantage or disadvantage, as the case may be, to certain competitors in order to even the field. This is established by adding points to the team on side-red to be the underdog. It is important to know that the handicap only applies to the selection one is betting on. In essence, once the final score has been confirmed and the selection one betted on is higher than the opponents’ after the handicap has been applied to the score, then one’s bet will be successful.

Note these about handicap betting

  1. It might be expedient to keep away from handicap betting if you are not an expert because it is not for the faint-hearted.
  2. One must ensure to only play them as singles. It is not advisable to play handicap market as multiples.
  3. One must ensure that one doesn’t put too much faith in stronger teams beating weaker teams by too many goals. The reason is simple; when a supposedly weak side faces a strong side, they exert their energy into defending because they know even if they cannot score against the stronger team; they have to try to minimize the goals they will concede.



Handicap-betting and Spread-betting techniques compared and contrasted


Handicap Betting Techniques

  1. Formation of both teams

The formation of the stringer team should be considered when picking on a handicap team; this is in order to reduce the risk that could be experienced when placing the bet. For example, if the formation of a team is currently terrible, it will be in one’s best interest to give the team that is a handicap to make it more profitable.

  1. Strengths of the teams

For a better sporting experience, it is best if one knows beforehand the strengths and weakness of each team one wishes to stake on. The ultimate secret to winning the stake is this, one shouldn’t just place a bet on any team, one must give a weaker team goal-ahead to even the odds. In order to know which team is strong and which is weak, you need to check past statistics as well as the achievements of the teams. There has to be a reasonable polarity in their strength to emerge as the winner of the game.

  1. Precedence

Precedents are very important in betting. What this implies is that incidences that happened before has a higher probability of happening again if two teams meet more than three times, and one has an upper hand. It will be wise to stake on the one with the upper hand to guarantee winnings because the same outcome is likely to happen again.

  1. Various injuries and suspensions

It is expedient to know which of the team players has an injury and which ones are suspended if you are going for handicap market. If a star player is suspended or injured, that will make it more difficult for the stronger side to win. For example, if particular players are absent in a particular club’s match and their absence will be felt, that should inform your stake in the case that happens.


Spread Betting techniques

  1. There are a plethora of betting opportunities:

The greater the betting opportunities, the higher the chances of finding valuable stakes to place, thereby adding great merit to the betting. It is of advantage also, that most markets accommodate and encourage spread betting.

  1. There are limitless winnings:

Most spread betting companies make their gains – on the side – on the differences between the selling and buying prices, therefore, there is no fear of limited opportunities for betting.

  1. Trading or closing out positions:

Trading positions give you the opportunity to arrange a stake before an event comes to a conclusion. Spread betting offers the exciting opportunity to call it quit before the end of the game if things are not looking bright as opposed to the beginning of the game without incurring too much loss.


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