Goal Predictions and Over Under Betting on Football

Goal Predictions

Goal Predictions for Football

The world’s most popular sport is also one of the biggest in the sports betting industry. A love of football/soccer unifies people all around the world, transcending all differences. Hundreds of football matches offer many betting markets and options every day. One of the most popular football betting markets is total goals. More and more bettors and free football prediction sites make goal predictions today.


What is the Over Under Betting Market?

This market is where you decide whether a match will feature over/under a set number of goals. Typically, the standard for a match is 2.5 goals, so you are betting that a game will see more than 2.5 goals. It is a two-way result bet and you are either right or wrong. Where it becomes complicated is the stepped base levels. Also, you can bet over/under 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, and 5.5 goals. At 0.5 goals, the odds on the over market will be very low whilst the under market will be longer. In reverse, at 5.5 goals, the over market will be long while under is short.


As mentioned earlier, the standard is set at 2.5 goals as it is the median in goals per match. Typically, the number of games featuring two or fewer goals is 48-49% in a season with three or overseen in 51-52%. Also, this is a very popular live betting market, with cash out options frequently exercised as events unfold.


How to Find Football Games for Over Under Betting Tips?

Since goals predictions are based on statistics, research is key to gaining good returns in this market. Never miss checking the goals for and against when making a soccer prediction. Always check where each of the teams sits. If they are both averaging around two goals scored, look closely at the over 2.5 goals and above odds. So if one is low, in an example: around 1 goal per game, the under markets might be the better bet.


Bet with your head, not with your heart.


Also, the current form is a very important determinant. If both teams are in bad form: losing, struggling for goals, include that factor in your goals predictions as well. Finally, It is always good for checking historical results in the fixtures. Does one of the teams have issues and a mental block at the ground and always lose heavily? Or is filled with tight, low-scoring games?


Where to Find Winning Over Under Betting Tips?

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