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Germany - Iceland Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Germany - Iceland Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Germany has class!

It will sound a little scary. But here meet two teams that have been experiencing difficulties lately.

Of course, for the 4-time world champion Germany, this is a bit ridiculous. But it is completely true.

In 2018, their campaign in Russia was a complete failure. With only 1 victory in the group stage and elimination as the last.

They could not become leaders in their group from the League of Nations tournament.

They were humiliated by Spain 6-0. Which is a sad record for the biggest defeat in their football history.

However, statistics also show that Germany has only one loss in its last 16 households.

They have some shortcomings around the lineup. But with such a large selection of class players, you just don't even have to take them into account.

Iceland is in crisis!

Iceland is another, so to speak, loser at the moment. Comparing the recent past and present.

In the League of Nations they recorded 6 losses from 6 matches. And they dropped out of Group A into Group B.

They also lost the playoffs for the European Football Championship with Hungary. And they will watch it at home on TV.

For a team with such a small human resource, I now fully agree that information about staff shortages is important.

One of the most significant is immediately obvious. The absence of Gilfi Sigurdsson, who is a major playmaker.

But besides him, there will be other players like them with a similar function. As twisted Icelandic names are not so important.

Important is the fact that their already limited attack will be further deprived of support.

Forecast for Germany - Iceland

Whoever takes part for the German team will surely give their best.

Because he will want to be elected for the upcoming European and world forums.

The results of the League of Nations should also not be taken too seriously.

Because Joachim Lev is frankly not excited about such a tournament.

However, his last appearance will be at the European one.

So, in addition to him, he will certainly aim to leave a mark with the qualifications for Qatar.

The victory for Germany appears to be quite probable in this match.

And for the reasons around the Icelandic team that I mentioned, we can combine it with a dry net for the hosts.

Above average bet for this prediction.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Germany have lost just 1 of their last 13 games: 7-5-1.
  • Germany are unbeaten in their last 8 home games: 4-4-0.
  • Iceland have lost 7 of their last 8 games: 1-0-7.
  • Iceland is in a series of 4 losses as a guest.
  • He has over 2.5 goals in the last 7 games of Iceland, as well as in 5 of 6 of Germany.

Last 5 Germany matches:

11/17/20 LN Spain Germany 6: 0 З
11/14/20 LN Germany Ukraine 3: 1 P
11.11.20 PS Germany Czech Republic 1: 0 P
10/13/20 LN Germany Switzerland 3: 3 Р
10/10/20 LN Ukraine Germany 1: 2 P

Last 5 Iceland matches:

11/18/20 LN England Iceland 4: 0 З
11/15/20 LN Denmark Iceland 2: 1 З
11/12/20 LN Hungary Iceland 2: 1 З
10/14/20 LN Iceland Belgium 1: 2 З
10/11/20 LN Iceland Denmark 0: 3 З

Last direct meetings:

10/11/03 EP Germany Iceland 3: 0
09/06/03 EP Iceland Germany 0: 0

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