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German fans have called on Germany to boycott the World Cup in Qatar

German fans have called on Germany to boycott the World Cup in Qatar

The German Fans' Association has called on the German Football Association to boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

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The announcement cites as a reason the difficult conditions in which people work during the construction of sports facilities for the tournament. Fans emphasize that migrants have been deprived of all human rights and have simply lost their lives.

"We learned about the inhumane working conditions during the construction of facilities for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Six years ago, there was talk of extremely discriminatory and dangerous conditions for migrants. "Not only do they receive pennies in conditions of full exploitation and insecurity, they not only live in terrible conditions, but they are deprived of all their rights," the statement said.

It is reported that they cannot even return to their homeland without the permission of the employer. The media reported that nearly 6,700 migrant workers had died in Qatar by mid-February. Every seven hours there, a worker from Pakistan, India or Bangladesh loses his life.

"You can't pretend nothing happened. Sport unites people from different countries, regardless of politics, worldview and religion. It is necessary to maintain this connection and continue to develop. But now we are not even talking about politics or culture, but about humanity and the right to life. We know very well that many fans are looking forward to the matches of the German national team. We also know that this is a big career event for footballers. We are football fans and we love this sport. But nothing can justify accepting human rights violations in Qatar. "Even simple participation in the tournament is support for them," the statement said.

"This issue comes to the fore and we support those who consider the boycott of the 2022 World Cup a necessity. We urge DFB to withdraw from the tournament. It will be a luxury football festival on the graves of thousands of migrants. Therefore, participation in this will put an end to such notions as morality and dignity, "the German fans wrote.

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