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Fuenlabrada - Mallorca Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Fuenlabrada - Mallorca Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Great odds for Mallorca!

I can neither believe nor rejoice at the odds that the bookmaker offers to win the guests.

I have, of course, an explanation. And I will share it a little later.

But until then, I must tell you that we will not see such situations every day.

For example, a team like Real Madrid or Barcelona would be as generously praised as Mallorca now.

This comparison is not accidental.

Fuenlabrada is a modest team!

Fuenlabrada is a team with a relatively short history from the 70s of the last century.

It was created by the union of two small clubs from the Madrid suburbs.

They host only 5,000 stadiums. Due to lack of not only funds but also a fan base.

It is named after the great Fernando Torres. However, who never had anything to do with this team.

Throughout its history, Fuenlabrada has been constantly moving between the 4th and 3rd level of Spanish football.

It was only in the last decade, after a small amount of money for players and coaches, that they were able to promote themselves in the Segunda Division.

However, I also remember well the comments about their dubious presence in this league.

By implying that the goal is not promotion to the elite at all. And quite another.

Just remember how recently they suddenly slowed down and dropped out of the playoffs for promotion. Think for yourself why.

The biggest success for the team is considered to be the elimination of the 1/16 final for the King's Cup by the great grandfather in the Real Madrid area.

And again, notice under what accidental circumstances.

2-0 victory of the White Ballet as a guest in the first match. And then a surprising 2-2 at the Bernabeu.

Mallorca is a team with traditions!

On the other side is Mallorca.

A team with almost 60 years of history. And he spent most of his existence in the Spanish elite.

As they were once champions of the country. As well as winners of the King's Cup.

These times remained a little far in the late 80's and 90's of last century. But they are a testament to a team with traditions.

They dropped out of the elite last season. And now as 2nd in the standings they can make a quick comeback.

Forecast for Fuenlabrada - Mallorca

Once you get an idea of ​​the huge difference in the standards of these two teams, let's see why is the odds for the guests?

The first reason I notice is the 3-2 victory for Fuenlabrada in the first direct match of the season.

Yes, but it was a very rough match. In which, after 2 red cards, Mallorca played with 9 against 11 until the halftime.

The second point is that the guests enter the match after two games without a victory.

Yes, but the loss is away to the 5th in the standings. And the draw at home is against Real Oviedo, who have suffered only 4 losses away.

At the same time, Fuenlabrada defeated the strongest host Leganes 2-0.

It is because of these team results that the odds for Mallorca are so good.

But there is something else very important. Fuenlabrada play much harder as guests.

And at home they find it difficult. Being the 2nd weakest host with only 2 wins and 10 draws.

Successes are over the penultimate Albacete and the 15th Lugo. And they date from September last year.

At the same time, Mallorca are the strongest guest with only 1 loss away.

The guests are a much better and more capable team. Which is with higher goals.

They also have to recoup the loss and provocations from the first meeting.

I bet on them with almost the maximum possible amount of the bet.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Fuenlabrada have recorded 7 draws in their last 10 games: 2-7-1.
  • Fuenlabrada is in a series of 15 households without a win: 0-12-3.
  • There are goal / goals in 6 of the last 7 home matches of Fuenlabrada.
  • Mallorca have won 6 of their last 9 games: 6-1-2.
  • Mallorca as a guest in the league this season: 9-4-1.

Fuenlabrada's last 5 games:

03/20/21 LL2 Leganes Fuenlabrada 0: 2 P
03/13/21 LL2 Fuenlabrada Las Palmas 1: 2 З
03/08/21 LL2 Lugo Fuenlabrada 0: 0 Р
02/28/21 LL2 Fuenlabrada Girona 1: 1 Р
02/22/21 LL2 Fuenlabrada R. Oviedo 2: 2 Р

Mallorca's last 5 matches:

03/20/21 LL2 Mallorca R. Oviedo 0: 0 Р
03/14/21 LL2 Gijon Mallorca 2: 0 З
03/07/21 LL2 Mallorca Cartagena 2: 1 P
02/27/21 LL2 Logrones Mallorca 0: 1 P
02/21/21 LL2 Mallorca Almeria 2: 0 P

Last direct meetings:

01/06/21 KNK Fuenlabrada Mallorca 3: 2
(1: 1)
12/19/20 LL2 Mallorca Fuenlabrada 2: 3

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