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Fortuna Dusseldorf - Bochum Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Fortuna Dusseldorf - Bochum Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Fortuna Düsseldorf is a strong host!

Fortuna Dusseldorf's last stay in the Bundesliga was short.

They were relegated to the German elite after their second season. And now they are looking for a quick return there.

There are 10 rounds left until the end. And they are 7 points away from at least the playoffs.

They earn points mainly from their households. In which they have only 1 loss so far. And overall they are the 3rd strongest host in the league.

They enter this match after a zero draw of the penultimate in the standings Sandhausen.

But I want to tell you that in this match they did not allow a single accurate blow to the opponent's goal.

And at the same time they inflicted as many as 19, of which 8 accurate. But the goalkeeper of the hosts was the hero of the match.

However, it is fair to note that in their households in the Top 5 teams have 2 draws and 1 loss.

Such is the team of today's rival.

In general, although minimally, they are inferior to all these teams in terms of both defense and attack.

Bochum is fighting for direct promotion!

Bochum are currently in the 2nd position, giving the right to direct promotion.

But with only 1 point ahead of his closest pursuer.

They are not highly dependent on the household factor. By playing equally successfully at home and abroad.

But what makes a strong impression is that they are the team with the fewest draws in the league. So far they have only 3 of them.

This is due to the aggressive press, which they apply both in the attack phase and in defense. Which leads to a high degree of risk.

Forecast for Fortuna - Bochum

This match is a derby for 6 points between two of the strongest teams in the league at the moment.

Among other things, this is a regional derby with a long history. Like Düsseldorf and Bochum, they are only 42 km apart.

Fortuna is most often played with 2 in front positions. And extremely rarely, but to be more precise in only 3 games, with one striker.

In such a scheme they recorded 1-1-1. And it is certainly not their favorite.

This is where the big problem for Dusseldorf lies. It seems that they will have to switch to a game with 1 in front again.

The reason is that the important striker Karaman, who has 7 goals and 2 assists so far, will not participate.

He has a call-up for the Turkish national team.

And despite Fortuna's request to the Turkish federation to allow him to remain for this match as extremely important for the team, they did not receive a positive answer.

I am not trusted by the home team in these new circumstances.

Bochum, however, in turn enter this match after a home loss. And from the leader Hamburger with 0-2.

Although they fought heroically with a man for less than 35 minutes. Important offensive midfielder Danny Bloom was expelled.

It was Bloom who opened Bochum's goal in the first match of the season with Fortuna and the crushing 5-0 victory.

This result probably stands as an earring for Düsseldorf. And for sure now they will try not to repeat.

The problems with them, which I have already mentioned, I think at best to allow them not to lose the most.

For Bochum, although unusual, equality is also a good result.

On the one hand, they keep a direct competitor at a distance.

On the other hand, in the next round they host another direct opponent in the person of Holstein Kiel.

Some cannot win. And others suit them and equal. We play like that then.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Dusseldorf to host the league this season: 8-3-1.
  • Bochum have won 4 of their last 6 games: 4-0-2.
  • Rowan Hennings is Düsseldorf 's top scorer with 8 goals. Robert Zuli has 12 for Bochum.
  • Andre Hoffmann has more yellow cards (6) than any other Düsseldorf player. Christian Gamboa is 10 for Bochum.

Last 5 Fortuna Dusseldorf matches:

03/13/21 2BUN Sandhausen Dusseldorf 0: 0 Р
03/07/21 2BUN Dusseldorf Nuremberg 3: 1 P
02/28/21 2BUN Heidenheim Dusseldorf 3: 2 З
02/21/21 2BUN Dusseldorf Hannover 3: 2 P
02/13/21 2BUN Regensburg Dusseldorf 1: 1 Р

Last 5 Bochum matches:

03/12/21 2BUN Bochum Hamburger 0: 2 З
03/06/21 2BUN Greuther Bochum 1: 2 P
02/27/21 2BUN Bochum Würzburger 3: 0 P
02/19/21 2BUN Aue Bochum 1: 0 З
02/14/21 2BUN Bochum Braunschweig 2: 0 P

Last 5 direct meetings:

11/30/20 2BUN Bochum Dusseldorf 5: 0
08/22/20 PS Dusseldorf Bochum 1: 0
04/06/18 2BUN Dusseldorf Bochum 1: 2
10/30/17 2BUN Bochum Dusseldorf 0: 0
03/03/17 2BUN Bochum Dusseldorf 1: 2

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