Top Football Betting Myths to Avoid

Football Betting Myths

There are tons of misconceptions when it comes to football betting with dozens of betting myths existing. Whatever those are, some people are hesitant about placing their bets because of myths passed around.

In this article, we will look at some of the top soccer betting myths that you need to avoid if you want to make more wins on football betting.

I highly recommend that you start with this football betting guide and then come back to read these myths.


Let’s look at these myths in no particular order.


10 Top Football Betting Myths to Avoid


#1: Pick selling services win you a lot of money

Pick selling services are not experts and they make money selling picks, not betting games. Craftily, they ask bettors to pay a certain amount of money to be guaranteed a win. Usually, they will divide those who pay into two halves and give them different outcomes. One half will win and rejoice, ready to come next week to pay for the same service. The half that losses will be offered their service for free next week and they will also share them into halves and give them different outcomes. Although they have lost some people because those who lose will probably not come back but they have made their money and the circle goes on and on.


#2: You cannot win on high odds

Everything is based on odds and winning frequency but earning when you bet on high odds is just as difficult as that of low odds. And look at it this way, if you win just 40 per cent of a bet on say 5.00 odds, you make more money than when you win half of your bets for a 1.80 odds.


#3: Trends guarantee to win

It is psychological with a man to believe that when a good number of people are heading in a certain direction, then automatically, that is the right way. The truth, however, is that because betting is a game of prediction, trends do not have any edge over side less trodden and vice versa.


#4: Betting all has to do with luck

It cannot be denied that luck has a role to play in betting. But it is important to note that there is a lot of smart decision making, wit, a strategy that goes into betting. If one does not take the time to properly analyze matches, the teams, players, injuries, and many more factors, one is likely to be more on a losing streak.

#5: Luck is not involved in betting

On the other hand, betting is not all about being smart and a pro in analyzing the likely outcome of matches, luck also certainly plays a role. There are some people who despite their knowledge of the sport do not do as well as amateurs who do not necessarily take time to analyze the matches before placing their bet.


#6: Bookies ban or limit winners

While this does sound logical because bookies are humans like us and so, do not enjoy losing money just like we don’t, a bettor cannot be banned solely for having a winning streak. You might draw their attention to check if there is cheating going on, but they can’t ban you for winning, except, of course, you are using an unreliable or fraudulent bookmarker.


#7: Total goals are easier to predict than match results

Theoretically, this is true but betting is a game of many possibilities and it is not easy to determine which guarantees win. At the end of the day, the same rules apply to all types of bet.


#8: You are more likely to win due to late goals

A late goal can determine whether you lose or win. The only thing is as humans, you are likely to remember more, the times when you lost because of a late goal and then it is spread as truth. A late goal can, however, go both ways.


#9: Online betting is a danger to children

Actually, betting is not dangerous to children because the age limit is usually 18 or 21 years depending on the location. There is usually a provision for age verification in order to be allowed to play and if it is not proven that they are legally old enough, people less than the required age are not allowed to play.


#10: Online betting is illegal

Depending on the location, online betting is not illegal. In fact, more countries are beginning to legalize it. However, usually, activities are regulated and certain requirements are made before a license is given.

It is very important to have the right knowledge at hand. This is why these football gambling myths are important for you as a tipster.

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