Football Betting and Prediction Industry in Nigeria

Football betting in Nigeria

The football betting and sports prediction industry is a vast and growing industry, worth billions of dollars per year. Estimates put the net worth of the sector at around £435 to £625 billion (which approximates to over 1 trillion USD globally!).
These figures put the sports entertainment (read more like sports betting) industry ahead of the music industry, which generated revenues of 12.2 billion pounds in the UK throughout 2016. The video game industry has gamers spending approximately 8 billion USD a year on PC, console, and mobile games.
While many dated industries struggle to survive in the digital/electronic age, the football betting/prediction industry is thriving. This growth is fueled by new technologies and innovative ideas, making it easier and quicker than ever to follow an event (a football game) and place a bet.


Sports/Football betting in Nigeria

Statistics show that Nigerians spend roughly 5billion NGN per day on the best football prediction sites and on accurate football/soccer predictions. This amounts converts to 25 million USD daily. The practice of football betting is legal in all the 36 states and Abuja. Hence, you should find that over 30 per cent of Nigeria’s population, close to 60 million Nigerians, place sports bet betting in Nigeria Football is arguably the most followed sports in the country. Many Nigerians follow not only local games but also European football matches. With access to increasing access to the internet and TV, many Nigerians can keep track of the fortunes of their favourite football clubs.

Estimates show that over forty per cent of Nigerians engage actively on the internet, while 50 per cent possess a mobile phone. Football betting pools date back to the colonial days when the British introduced the concept in the early 1920s. Traditionally, one could only place football bets and make soccer predictions in bet shops. However, in recent times, online and mobile betting ensures that people can place wagers on football predictions from the comfort of anywhere.


Football Betting; Now A Widespread Practice In Nigeria

Investigations in the country show that more people are placing bets on the best football prediction sites. Many punters admit to placing wagers on betting positions, with tickets costing between 100 to 150 NGN, three to four times a week. A good number of respondents confessed to borrowing money to place their bets! Further studies show that more people are becoming compulsive bettors with their use of statistics/strategies from reliable football prediction websites like ours. Football betting, ultimately, exists in all strata and class systems of Nigerian society. Also, this situation mirrors happenings in other parts of the world.

The best football prediction sites and accurate football/soccer predictions websites operators like 1960tips function both as local businesses and international concerns with a local partner. As it is often the case, the international partners provide the technical expertise required for payment. The present realities are that local partners have to develop local solutions adapted to the realities of football betting in Nigeria. The operators of the best free football prediction websites continue to create new opportunities for bettors to wager on new positions. One of such opportunities, gaining ground in Nigeria is Fantasy Football Betting. Fantasy football betting entails the selection of players from different teams around the globe, to form a fantasy football club. These fantasy teams compete in competitions and tournaments. At the end of rounds, each real player’s statistics are counted to determine which fantasy team takes the position at the top of the table. The fantasy football league presents an exciting prospect for football predictions and bettings. This form of betting appeals to a younger generation of Nigerians, who relish choosing a dream team comprising their favourite stars.


Online Betting: The New King On The Football Betting World In Nigeria.

Generally, people are discovering the ease, convenience, and speed of online bookmakers – Nigerian and international. In times past, they had to visit a betting shop, now their computer or smart device has become the kiosk. Online football bookmakers have raised the bar when it comes to football betting and wagers. These best football prediction sites are not only safe and easy to join, but they also offer competitive odds and betting lines.


Types Of Football Betting Open To Nigerians

There are three types of football betting open to Nigerians. These options include betting kiosks/shops, Nigerian Online betting platform, as well as offshore(International) football prediction sites. There are also fast rising online football tips/predictions sharing platforms like

Football Betting Shops/Kiosks

These places offer options for bettors who desire to interact with staff and representatives, face to face. These shops also provide an opportunity to interact with fellow football betting pundits and to revel in the atmosphere of football prediction.

Nigerian Online Betting Platforms

These platforms provide opportunities to place bets and positions. You can also access competitive bids, wagers and receive cash-outs in local currency.

Offshore Football Betting Sites

There are only some offshore football prediction platforms that allow Nigerians to participate. With these international platforms, you can place your wager across some of the most popular best football predictions sites.

Nigerian Online Tips Sharing Platforms

These platforms, such as 1960tips, are created to cater to Nigerian bettors by offering a host of suggested betting lines and placement. To access these insightful predictions, you’d have to pay a subscription fee.

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How To Make A Deposit At A Football Tip sharing Site

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