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Win Big on football accumulator tips

What is a football accumulator bet?

A football accumulator bet is to add a number of teams on the same bet to give you a football accumulator or “acca” as it is called “short”.

Each team must win the match to be a winner, otherwise, your acca is a loser! You can put as many teams as you want in a football pitch but the more you do, the more difficult it becomes, but the price is important if the cumulative prognostics are all winners!


How to Win Big Football Accumulators

football accumulator tips blogReaching a big accumulator is all you need and in this article, we will do our best to help you win big with accumulators of football more often. In terms of football, no strategy can guarantee success every time, but you can certainly give yourself a much better chance of winning big by following the steps below.

First, we need to clarify what “winning big” on football accumulator means. For the purposes of this article, any bet that returns with odds of 30/1 or higher is considered a big win.

The world’s biggest known accumulator win came in March 2011 in the UK, when plumbing engineer Steve Whiteley managed to win a staggering £1.45 million from a noble £2 bet.


Betting Advice & Guidance


Key stats and data research

The first step of any acca bet is research and for that, you need key data. At a minimum, check out the league tables, the odds of each match and the match fixtures.

This is the bare minimum of information you need to help you formulate your Acca. You can use any other data to help you formulate your bets. Also, there are many exceptional football prediction sites for the best European leagues. Nowadays, hundreds of services provide detailed information that can help you formulate your bets.

However, there is always a risk of over-analysis of games. That’s why I tend to stick to the key data and look at the more detailed statistics only when there’s something I’m not quite sure about.


Look for Value Info and choices

Once you have the key data open and accessible, the next step is to go through the calendars and probabilities to search for key games that are priced close to the price of money. What you need to look for are games where a top part takes a lower part (especially away from home), or a match where the current form suggests that one team is in top form and that the other team is on an imprecise run.

You would be surprised to see how many of these games are played over a particular weekend. Make a preliminary list of these games and you can then see the more detailed statistics to specify your choices to those you want to add to your coupon.


Seal your value choices with firm selections

There is always a big advantage for teams playing at home and it’s stupid to neglect these teams when compiling your bet. However, we are also looking for value. Therefore, when selecting home win options, try to avoid any team whose price is less than 1.30. Simply because they add so little value to the bet that it is not worthwhile to include them, especially for small bets of up to 5 or 6 selections.

Try to look for team selections that are around 1.3 to 2.0, statistics and form suggesting that the home team has a very good chance of taking the 3 points. Again, make a short list and compile some additional searches from the more detailed statistics to finalize the selections to include in the last bet.


Ensure you get the maximum you can with your bet

One of the simplest ways to increase your yields without choosing an additional selection, or to choose a higher odds and therefore a riskier bet, is to place your bet with a bookmaker offering an additional bonus payable when the punter meets specific criteria.


Advantages and disadvantages of football accumulator tips



You can obviously win a huge amount of money on accumulators bet for such a small stake. Everyone does not have more than $100 to make big bets, so betting a small bet of $10 on 4 football teams in Evens ($2.00) will bring you $160.

Do this in 10 teams and the price reaches over $10,000! So, betting on accumulators can be very lucrative if your football accumulator tips are well documented.



The disadvantage of accumulator bets is that the more teams you add to your account, the more difficult it will be to win and all punters have a story about that team that left them to win a few thousand!


Our tips of the day

Every day, on our website we’ll be releasing new football accumulator tips. It depends on when we receive our best tips, so be sure to check the site for the latest football accumulator tips update. We feel it is important we research each one carefully before posting. Our team will not publish any tips as long as we do not have enough information to give an informed opinion. Also, we must ensure that the probabilities are optimal for the best bookmaker at the time of publishing.


In addition, our banker bet of the day is perfect for adding to your accumulator bet. Our goal is to give you the best information for free. All we ask you is to let us know when you win a big win!


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