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FIFA is studying four new rules to revolutionize the game of football

FIFA is studying four new rules to revolutionize the game of football

FIFA is testing four new rules in the Future of Football Cup tournament that would completely revolutionize football: ranging from changing the duration of the two halves to unlimited substitutions to changes to the lineout and temporary suspension in the event of a yellow card.

Are we at the beginning of a football revolution? We don't know, but there are clues that all point in that direction. FIFA is considering the introduction of new rules that could change drastically football seen to date. A real overturning of some of the cornerstones of the most popular sport across the globe. Are these distant changes? There is no information on this but what we are aware of is that tests are underway at the Future of Football Cup, a tournament for Under 19 teams that sees the presence of representatives of PSV Eindhoven, AZ Alkmaar, RB Leipzig and Club Brugge. The changes focus on four fundamental aspects:

Divide the game into 2 halves of 30 minutes, stopping the game at each interruption, as happens in other sports such as basketball or futsal, and trying to guarantee effective minutes;

The ability to make unlimited replacements. Currently, there are five changes that can be made while in the races where extra time is foreseen a sixth substitution is available in the additional 30 '. Under "normal" conditions, the regulation sets three for each team;

The execution of throw-ins with the feet and no longer with the hands. This would allow creating situations of much greater danger since the ball would arrive in the opponent's area more easily;

The penalty for the yellow card is a  temporary suspension of 5 minutes, with the cautioned player observing the penalty on the sideline.

At the end of the tournament, FIFA will assess the impact of these changes and consider making a formal request for some of them to the International Board, the body that sets the rules of football worldwide. Will there be changes in the regulations in the short term? We will know soon.

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