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FIFA has already sold over 800,000 World Cup tickets

FIFA has already sold over 800,000 World Cup tickets

The International Football Federation (FIFA) has sold 804,186 tickets for World Cup matches during the first stage of sales, the headquarters said.

The people in Qatar, the USA, England, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, India, Brazil, Argentina and Saudi Arabia have shown the greatest interest in the valuable omissions for the upcoming tournament.

Tickets for individual matches are the most popular among fans. Football fans showed the greatest interest in the opening match of the World Cup and the final.

The next stage of ticket sales will begin on April 5.

Tickets for the matches of the group stage of the World Cup in Qatar for foreign fans cost from 250 to 800 Qatari riyals (from 69 to 220 US dollars), and for local fans - 40 riyals (11 dollars). The ticket for the final will cost local fans 750 riyals ($ 206), and foreign fans will have to pay from 2,200 to 5,850 Qatari riyals (from 604 to 1,600 dollars).

For comparison, the lowest ticket price for a World Cup match was registered in 1986 at the World Cup in Mexico - 11 dollars (3 dollars at the then exchange rate).

The World Cup will be held from November 21 to December 18. The draw for the tournament is on April 1 in Doha.

So far, 27 out of 32 teams have qualified for the World Cup: Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Croatia, Spain, Serbia, England, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Iran, Republic of Korea, Saudi Arabia Arabia, Japan, Canada, Senegal, Ghana, Morocco, Tunisia and Cameroon. The national team of Qatar will play in the World Cup by right as a host.

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