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Everything About Arbitrage Betting

Everything About Arbitrage Betting

Not lucky with the bets?

Are you looking for a sure way to beat the bookmakers?

Your decision is called "arbitration". A not very common type of betting on sporting events, guaranteeing 100% success.

You will learn more about it and the dangers it hides from the following article.


Arbitrage bets - have you never heard of this term ?!

Well, you missed a lot because of the high profitability of the venture.

Your investment will be recouped in full, and you will achieve great results in the long run.

Even financial intermediaries are unlikely to find a better solution to build a secure profit.

Sit back and prepare for the unseen secrets of arbitrage, an unfamiliar matter from the depths of online betting.


What is an arbitrage bet?


Arbitrage bets

There is no 100 percent chance of success in standard betting.

In most cases, the outcomes of an event are two or three, so the chance of winning branches is about 50% or 33%, respectively.

However, there are no risks here. Regardless of the development of the match, you will be the ultimate winner .

Yes, you will not win huge amounts with minimal bets, but you will guarantee yourself a 100% chance of winning.

This is exactly the idea of ​​arbitrage bets.

You find overlapping odds in different online bookmakers , deposit in each of them and start the venture.

It is important to act quickly, but safely, and be careful about changing the announced rates.

The smallest tenths play a key role in arbitrations, so be prepared for unpleasant surprises.

Here we will inform you that it is recommended to have a higher capital.

With low amounts, it will be extremely difficult and almost impossible to overlap the various options.

The higher your budget, the faster the desired results will come. Let's illustrate the use of the method.


Example with 2 options:

You have decided to bet on the final outcome of a tennis match.

Let's say that in Bet365 the bet for the victory of a tennis player №1 is 1.50, and a player №2 gets 3.20 in the Efbet platform .

This guarantees you sure success if you put a certain amount on each of the options.

By betting USD 68 for sign 1 and USD 32 for sign 2, you will guarantee a secure USD 2 in the balance.

At first glance, the amount seems minimal, but imagine how profitable this procedure would be with daily participation in ten such bets.

And if you place higher bets ?!

Don't be greedy and don't look for quick profits. Arbitrage bets are used only by patient players, ready to gradually increase the client's portfolio.


Example with 3 options:

Here things get more complicated as the bills get a lot bigger. Careful recalculation of the individual bets will be required to achieve the required correctness. For example:

  • The host receives a coefficient of 2.20
  • Equality is rated at 3.35
  • The guest receives 4.50

This means that with every possible outcome you will be at a profit if you place:

  • USD 47 per sign 1 = USD 103.40
  • USD 31 per hiccup = USD 103.85
  • USD 23 per sign 2 = USD 103.5

Thus, with a total investment of USD 101 you can generate a secure profit of USD 2.50.

In 3-way markets, use calculators to minimize mathematical errors.

There are a number of suggestions on the web that will save you time and effort.


What is the risk of arbitration?


Risks of arbitrage bets

The emergence of more and more bookmakers leads to greater choice and a higher probability of arbitrage.

On the other hand, there are pitfalls that would require limiting your accounts and blocking profits.

For example, not all betting sites are positive about this betting method. Some of them impose severe penalties for fans of arbitration, so look for more in-depth information about the company on the Internet.

There are a number of arbitrage betting forums from which you will get information about the most favorable bookmakers.

Another completely realistic risk, however, that depends on you, is the occurrence of incorrect calculations. So many odds, and not rounded, accurate bets and additional accounts would lead to gross errors in adequate betting.

Although timely decision-making is required, recalculate the required amounts.

And last but not least, be careful about changing the odds . If you set the system to accept the new rates immediately, it will harm you severely.

Online bookmakers often require changes in the odds, depending on the circumstances and the emergence of new side factors.


How to prevent online account limitation?


There is no company in the world that wants to lose. The same goes for bookmakers, who are trying in all possible ways to increase their income.

The distribution of high profits is certainly not included in this column, on the contrary, the winners are often monitored and their every move is closely monitored. Therefore, you need to be careful and correctly assess the next moves.


    Participate in more bets

The variety of bets will minimize the risk of blocking the account.

If the system finds participation in other types of bets - straight column, system combinations , it will remove you from the lists of suspicious players.


    Place bets with rounded amounts

Multiple bets containing pennies are not tolerated by big brands.

In all likelihood, you will be charged an account limit if you place 5-10 such bets.

Try to round the amount to a closer value.

For example, if the calculator shows you that you have to bet USD 35.68, place a bet of USD 36. Yes, there will be a slight change in the final win, but this will prevent you from blocking.


    Do not withdraw from your account often

Repeated requests for withdrawals from the account will make the bookmaker suspicious.

Be more patient in paying out winnings and do it once a month. You can even outsmart the house by setting a transaction limit. This way, your account will be less and less checked by company employees.


    Bet on more famous championships

Wouldn't you be skeptical if a user only bets on matches from unknown competitions?

I personally would, and so do online bookmakers. Be resourceful, place bets on traditional championships and the probability of a profile limit becomes less and less.


Pros and cons of arbitration


We will not lie to you, there are both, so decide for yourself whether you will participate in arbitration or not.

We have structured the main advantages and disadvantages in order to get maximum information about this type of betting.



  • There is no chance of loss if you do everything correctly.
  • You can use special calculators to calculate arbitrations.
  • A number of developers have produced software to track active arbitration.
  • There are bookmakers who are positive about this activity.



  • You have to be careful when placing bets, because some bookmakers impose restrictions.
  • A high pot is required for easy betting.
  • The best arbitration reporting software is in a paid version.
  • It is possible for a bookmaker to change the odds of a market after accepting the bet.


Who are the best bookmakers for arbitrage bets?


The best bookmakers for arbitrage bets

We have repeatedly stated that there are problematic bookmakers that impose restrictions on consumers.

We have no information about the existence of a Bulgarian company that tolerates arbitration, so you will have to get acquainted with their rules.

If you meet the above conditions, you should not experience difficulties, so be strict and responsible for your bets.

It is best to focus your efforts on the Efbet, Betfair, 1xbet and Bet365 platforms.

They carry the highest odds to their customers, especially when it comes to goal lines.

We often encounter discrepancies of a few tenths that would prove beneficial for arbitration.

You can register in other foreign brands, but be careful with the lack of a license.

Unregulated companies do not always treat their customers fairly, making it difficult for them to access withdrawals, imposing frequent restrictions and impeding the free placement of bets.


Opinion on arbitration


Admittedly, the use of arbitration is worth it.

Despite all the difficulties, perseverance and dedication to betting will bring you the desired income. This remains the only way to generate a secure positive success at 100 percent.

We advise you to look for platforms on the Internet that spread differences in odds.

Although they are paid, the investment in them will return quickly. They will inform you about dozens of discrepancies in the rates and will give you information about the most suitable bookmakers, which are outside the traditional offers.  

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