Double Chance Predictions Betting Guide

Double Chance Predictions

Double chance predictions virtually give you more chance of winning a bet. Double chance tips are one of the top betting markets for football and allow you to cover two of the three outcomes in a match.


What is a Double Chance Prediction?

When making double chance predictions you can choose two of these three options instead of one. You can choose home or draw (1X), away or draw (X2) or home and away (12). Many football bettors, tipsters and football prediction sites love betting on this market due to its simplicity and high probability of winning.


Advantages of Double Chance Prediction

Should football bettors make double chance prediction instead of other betting options?

Firstly, you have a higher probability of winning a double chance bet compared to picking one option from the full-time (1X2) result market. Although double chance odds may not be as good as choosing an outright winner you still have a significant betting chance of winning. Also, a double chance prediction is a good way to back an outsider to win a match. If you support or fancy an outsider team, you can use the double chance to cover draw also. Even if the team does not quite pull off the upset win, a draw is still enough to win the bet and the odds will remain good.


Betting Guide on Double Chance Predictions

Each bettor separately has his own betting strategy, and there are a lot of bettors who find this market really tempting. Therefore, when placing double chance bets, there are two ways to look at the potential outcome. If you bet on a favourite to win or draw, your odds will be very low. Despite that, the real value of double chance predictions is betting on the outsider. Most double chance football tips will be covering the weaker side to make a profit. Generally, this is a low-risk betting market, and it should be implemented smartly. Also, bookmakers sometimes give you higher odds on double chance than on +0.5 Asian Handicap (which is basically the same). Therefore, you should always check for those odds first.


Are double chance tips good for accumulator bet?

You can also place double chance accumulator bets. However, many football bettors avoid adding them to accumulators. There are two reasons for this:

  1. punters usually find them less worthy (when betting on favourites)
  2. or too risky (when betting on outsiders).

Anyway, double chance bets in accumulators are worthy as long as they’re successful. Also, there is a popular strategy of picking 2 or 3 double chance bets for an accumulator. This betting strategy is used as a safer option to break the even instead of placing single bets.


Where to find Winning Double Chance Bets?

football prediction site

Whether you are looking for favourites or outsider, the cause remains the same: safe betting and more winners. Although double chance betting is one of the most popular you can find on a football list, there are often misconceptions about the exact worth of this bet type and why you should choose it. Therefore, our team carefully picks double chance predictions with high value for the market. When there is value in the Double Chance market, will select and recommend the safest football predictions.


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