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Deja Vu: Juventus and Ronaldo out again early in the Champions League, drama with overtime against Porto 

Deja Vu: Juventus and Ronaldo out again early in the Champions League, drama with overtime against Porto 

After an extremely dramatic development, Porto eliminated Juventus in the round of 16 of the Champions League. The Dragons lost 2-3 after extra time, but still advance to the quarterfinals after more goals on foreign soil than their opponent. 

The disappointment for the Bianconeri is huge, as they played with a man more on the field than in the 54th minute, when Taremi was sent off with a second yellow card after kicking the ball hard when the game was stopped. This happened with a score of 1: 0 in favor of the Portuguese. Juventus reacted quickly and scored two goals through an excellent match Federico Chiesa and put pressure in search of victory. The Italians were also unlucky as they hit the crossbar twice. 

This led to overtime in which Juventus never managed to increase their lead, although they have been playing with a man for a long time. Instead, Porto scored from a direct free kick through Oliveira in the 115th minute. Then the "old lady" went even harder forward and quickly scored one of the required two goals through Rabio, who intercepted a header from a corner kick. 

By the very end, the Bianconeri did not stop attacking, but the goal never came, as Juventus experienced another disappointment in the Champions League, dropping out early. The great star of the team Cristiano Ronaldo did not have a day at all and failed to help his team. 

Juventus: Szczesny, Alex Sandro, Demiral, Bonucci, Quadrado, Arthur, Ramsey, Rabio, Chiesa, Ronaldo, Morata Porto: Marquez, Pepe, Uribe, Taremi, Marega, Zaidou, Corona, Manafa, Mbemba, Ottavio, Oliveira WHERE TO WATCH JUVENTUS - PORTO IN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? SECOND

115 2: 21 The guests magically come forward in the result. They were given the right to fire a direct free kick. Oliveira hired a performance of nearly 30 meters and shot on the ground, and Szczesny failed to intervene and the ball fell into his net. 

117 3: 2! Two minutes later, Juventus regained their hopes after Rabio intercepted a header from a corner kick. 

In the first 15-minute overtime, Porto showed that they will try to score, even though they are one person less on the field. Juve still controlled the ball more and tried to attack, but again had difficulty in the final phase and could not create a cleaner position. 

49 1: 1! 4 minutes after the start of the second half, Juventus finally managed to realize. Bonucci brought Ronaldo into the penalty area, and he combined with his chest to Chiesa, who with a precise shot found the upper left corner of the door of Marquezino. 

In the 54th minute, the guests were left with one less man, after the only player of Porto with a yellow card on the field received a second official warning. Marega angrily kicked the ball in the air when the game stopped, which provoked the referee to expel him. 

Just 3 minutes later, the Bianconeri hit the crossbar after Chiesa overcame the goalkeeper, but took the ball too long. There Pepe intervened, and then the ball deflected into the side post. 

63 2: 11 The "old lady" made a complete turnaround in the match, after Cuadrado made another excellent cross, which was intercepted by a header from Chiesa. The ball went close to Marquez's hands, but he could not react, as the shot was strong enough and close. 

In the 82nd minute, Juventus organized a speed counterattack, which was completed through Chiesa. The Italian was close to his hat-trick, but was left alone against Marquezino, the guard of the guests managed. Seconds later, Sar of the Dragons fired powerfully from a distance, but Szczesny intervened. 
In the first minute of added time Morata was brought behind the opponent's defense and managed to overcome the opponent's guard to sign. However, the referee's flag was immediately raised and the goal was canceled correctly. 

In the 3rd minute of added time, Andrea Pirlo's players were again extremely close to victory, after Cuadrado went inside and shot with his weaker left foot, but his shot bounced off the crossbar. 

In the 3rd minute the hosts had an excellent chance to take the lead after Juan Cuadrado centered in a magnificent way to Alvaro Morata in the penalty area. The Spaniard shot with his head, but right where Marquez was. 

Only a few minutes later, the guests responded appropriately. The "Dragons" created a serious commotion in the penalty area of Juventus and even led to a header by Taremi in the crossbar. 

In the 17th minute, the referee awarded a penalty after Merich Demiral was late with his intervention in the penalty area and tripped an opponent. Oliveira took on the performance and sent Szczesny to the other corner. 19 0:1! 

In the 27th minute, Morata had an excellent chance again after a Porto defender hung in the air. However, the Spaniard was quickly closed by goalkeeper Marquez and shot at him. 

By the end of the half, Juventus never managed to create a clear goal position, as the guests defended compactly and did not allow any gaps in defense. At the same time, they used every opportunity to counterattack among the diluted defenders of the "old lady". 

Italian champions Juventus face Porto in a rematch of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. The Bianconeri lost the first match 1: 2 and will have to reverse the development of the clash if they do not want to say goodbye to their dream of the trophy again early. Juve lost for the fourth time in a row their first match in the 1/8 finals, but qualified for the quarterfinals in the last three seasons. 

Torino are in good shape at home and in Serie A have 7 consecutive home victories. The match for Juventus will be missed by coronavirus patient Rodrigo Bentancourt, Danilo, who was penalized for accumulating yellow cards, as well as the injured Paulo Dybala and Matthias de Licht. Arthur is in question. Big star Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the line for the clash. 

Porto have won just three of their last nine games, although they have taken the lead five times. The alumni of Sergio Conceicao dropped out of the Portuguese Cup, but returned to the right path after the 2-0 victory over Gilles Vicente. Permanently injured goalkeeper Mohamed Mbaye missed the match, and Pepe, Jesus Korona and Chancel Membba are in question. 

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