Corner Betting Tips for Winning Strategy

Strategy and corner betting tips

Football betting is accompanied by so many benefits. Any serious punter can attest to that. Also, it is one form of entertainment. Bettors do try as much as possible to make money from betting and constantly looking for new markets. Nowadays, football corners are a very popular and quite reliable betting market. With so many websites with accurate football statistics and corner betting tips, the experienced punters with an eye for patterns and game reactions can exploit this market.


Corner Betting Market


There are three different markets for corners betting:


Totals, Handicap and Money Line in the major soccer leagues worldwide.

  • Totals corner betting: a figure is set by the bookmaker for the combined number of corners which is expected, where bettors can predict the number of corners by the end of the game and choose whether they think the number will be over or under the given amount.


  • Handicap corners betting: the same format as Handicap betting in any other sport. One side is given the advantage (+ figure) and the other side a disadvantage (- figure). As is the principle in Handicap betting, this is done with the aim to counter a perceived bias.


  • Money Line corners: the winning bet is the bet placed on whoever wins the most corners within the 90 minutes. Another way is to bet in-play, for the time left. This method is a pretty straight forward one.



Advantage of Corner Betting in Football

The most bookmakers tend to set their corner lines around the 10 marks where odds are close to evens. There is plenty of value to be had. Once you start isolating the leagues and teams that regularly produce you give yourself a huge advantage.

Another thing to consider is to find more value in the more obscure leagues as bookies tend to spend less time pricing up corner lines in these than the big popular European ones. We’ve often found they cover leagues with a blanket corner figure rather than look at the individual team’s abilities and price it accordingly. This is where you can take advantage.


Strategy and Corner Betting Tips

There are a number of ways you could bet on total corners in a match. However, our favourite strategy is to bet on matches where neither team pays much attention to defending. If there was a fixture taking place where you think it will be an end to end action, this would be a great option for betting on a high number of corners. Also, something like over 8.5 corners in the first half could be an option for a big odds bet.

Attacking teams always get more corners because they spend more time in the oppositions half of the field, but the tricky thing with our corner tips, is always how high do we go with the number of corners for that particular team.

Punters get a very good experience with time as long as they continue to do sports betting. They will be able to gain enough knowledge that they can apply whenever they want to make money from sports betting.

The advantages listed here should be thoroughly checked by the punters. It is crucial for all punters whether beginners or professionals to take a good look at corner betting tips once more because they benefit everyone.


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