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Corner betting strategy or how to make money on corners?

Corner betting strategy or how to make money on corners?

Sometimes there are small breaks in the football championships of large countries and betters are encouraged to place bets only on lesser-known tournaments and teams. In order not to lose your funds, you should choose the most likely outcomes. To make the choice easier, you can use the strategies available on the Internet. One of these is the strategy of betting on corners in football matches.

Of course, matches that guarantee profit simply do not exist, otherwise everyone would bet on them and thereby bankrupt the bookmaker's offices. However, there is an opportunity to make your bets as profitable and correct as possible. The corner betting strategy in football is one of the most powerful strategies with high passing rates.

Selection of matches for betting

You can bet on corners on all matches before they start and in live mode. The search and selection of such games is carried out according to the following criteria:

1. The difference in class - if the teams have a serious difference in class, then the full advantage of the favorite is practically guaranteed. The possession of the ball will develop into dangerous attacks and shots, and, accordingly, corner kicks. For example, in the matches of Barcelona and Real Madrid with weaker opponents, just such statistics are observed. The difference in the number of corners becomes especially big if the outsider scores the first goal of the match. Many other teams may simply stop actively attacking, immediately after the first goal is scored. For such teams, bets on corners in the first half are ideal.

2. Style of play of both teams - if the match promises to be very productive, then you can be sure that there will be many corners too. A similar situation occurs when teams with excellent attack and weak defense meet. Also, we should not forget about those teams that prefer to score 1 goal and keep the ball in the center circle. As a rule, they give very few corners and do not allow the opponent to do this, Juventus can be considered an example. It is also worth paying attention to the games of teams that poorly implement their chances, like the Argentina national team.

3. The number of tall players in the teams - if there are tall strikers and defenders in the cage, then the main hope is precisely on the standards. All outfield players will try to earn as many corners as possible in order to make the most of their advantage.

4. Motivation of teams - if the match has no tournament value, then there will be no effort and dedication. The exact opposite situation will develop if both teams need to win the game.

All of the above points can be used to bet on corners before the start of the match.

When choosing what to bet on live, you should use all the data obtained from the match infographic and video broadcast. If there is no active action on the field and the leader is in the lead, then you can safely bet on the total corners less, but if the outsider tries to impose a fight or scores a goal, then the corners "will fall like a cornucopia."

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