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Chelsea team sponsor terminates contract with club, "blues" lose 120 million

Chelsea team sponsor terminates contract with club,

The sponsor of the Chelsea Three shirts has announced that he is terminating his relationship with the Premier League club after the British government imposed severe sanctions on the Russian owner of the "blues" Roman Abramovich.

A spokesman for the mobile operator said the suspension was the "right decision" given the freezing of the Russian businessman's assets and the travel ban.

The company has terminated its sponsorship deal with Chelsea, which is worth 120 million pounds.

The telecommunications service provider became the main sponsor of the team's shirts before the 2020/21 season with a three-year contract.

"In light of recent government sanctions, we have asked Chelsea Football Club to temporarily suspend our sponsorship of the club, including the removal of our brand from and around the stadium until further notice," the company said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, Abramovich was hit with heavy sanctions by Britain after the invasion of Ukraine. The billionaire announced Chelsea for sale last week, but this is impossible after the freezing of his assets at the club.

In addition, the Blues cannot attract new players and sign new contracts, and revenues from the sale of tickets and sporting goods, as well as television rights and prize funds, have been frozen.

Three's decision to end their relationship with Chelsea means that Thomas Tuchel's team is unlikely to put on their regular team for tonight's match against Norwich.

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