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Chelsea - Real Madrid Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Chelsea - Real Madrid Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Chelsea have a terrible defense!

We have already talked many times about the Chelsea team, how strong they became in defense after the arrival of Thomas Tuchel.

On this basis, all their successes are built in both the English Championship and the Champions League.

In 23 games of all competitions, Chelsea have conceded only 10 goals. And most importantly, this trend has proven to be very sustainable.

Even for the last month, the Blues are the second team in the Premier League in terms of results.

And, of course, expected due to only 3 dangerous goal positions in a total of 5 matches.

No wonder then to explain why they allowed only 1 accurate shot to their neck in the first match of this semifinal.

If I tell you that 5 of the 10 goals for 23 matches that I mentioned were in that 5-2 from UBA.

The picture becomes terrifying for this protection.

Chelsea are expected to be in the same squad from the first meeting in Madrid after no personnel problems were reported.

Real Madrid also has top protection!

The slogan "Real Madrid is invincible" is very true. And for 3 months now.

A total of 19 games without a loss, of which 13 wins, explain everything about the state of the team.

Now the Royal Club have a real opportunity to win 2 titles.

They are the team with the second strongest defense in La Liga for the season so far.

As in the last month they have conceded only 1 goal in 6 matches by the Spanish elite.

Real Madrid is perhaps one of the few teams in the world that can always be trusted in a rematch.

The only problem before them was staffing problems.

But now Sergio Ramos is included in the squad. Like only Danny Carvajal and Lucas are still absent.

Prediction for Chelsea - Real Madrid

For this match, any predictions about the final outcome are, to put it mildly, inappropriate and guaranteed unprofessional.

However, I think that there are two much more probable possibilities, which unfortunately are felt by bookmakers. That is, they have no value.

But combined together they give a good quota. But for only the most medium-sized bet, of course.

As we have already clarified, two very strong defensive teams are meeting here.

After a score of 1-1 in the first match between them, we can now safely follow a golden rule in betting.

Never bet on over goals when you rely on only one team.

Here is what we have in our case:

  • At 0-0, activity mainly by one team only.
  • At 1-0, again with only one.
  • At 2-0, no doubt at all about any activity.
  • At 0-1, again activity from only one.
  • At 0-2, again only from one.
  • At 1-1, probable again lack of any activity.

Emmy, then how can I not choose Under 2.5 goals in the match?

I am also adding at least 2 cards for Real Madrid.

There is potential for cards in general in the match.

And especially in its final part, if one of the teams is still struggling for a re-result.

Referee Daniele Orsato is our acquaintance from Chelsea - Atletico Madrid. Where he proved to be strict, picking up 1 red and 5 yellow.

I also remind you that in the first match there were 6 yellow cards, 5 of which were for Real Madrid.

There is always good potential for cardboard in the White Ballet. That's when you're not used to losing, and sometimes you don't.

I combine both probabilities into one overall prediction thanks to the great Create Bet feature .

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Chelsea have not lost in their last 5 games: 3-2-0.
  • Chelsea have recorded 5 clean sheets in their last 6 games.
  • Real Madrid have not lost in their last 19 games: 13-6-0.
  • Real have not lost in their last 14 away games: 8-6-0.
  • Real have recorded 5 clean sheets in their last 6 games.
  • Under 2.5 goals in Chelsea's last 6 Champions League games, as well as in Real's last 4 visits to the tournament.

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