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Chelsea is the new super champion of Europe

Chelsea is the new super champion of Europe

Chelsea is the new European super-champion after winning the final against Villarreal with 7: 6 after penalties, in regular time and overtime the match ended 1: 1. In the match at Windsor Park in Belfast, the great hero for the Londoners was the reserve goalkeeper Kepa Arisabalaga, who appeared in the game in the 119th minute to be used in the execution of penalties. The Spanish goalkeeper intervened in two of the situations in which he saved the shots of Isa Mandy and Raul Albiol, thus bringing the trophy to the window of the English club. Chelsea won the European Super Cup for the second time in its history after triumphing with it in 1998.

The first opportunity in the match opened for Timo Werner in the 7th minute. He made a dangerous shot, but Sergio Asenjo intervened decisively and took a corner. Two minutes later, N'Golo Cante made a dangerous shot from distance, but Asenjo plunged and killed the ball. 

Chelsea took the lead in the 27th minute. Kai Haverz passed very well to Hakim Ziesh, who was dropped in the penalty area of ​​Villarreal and scored the ball in the door of Sergio Asenjo. 

Villarreal made a very serious mistake in the 33rd minute. Manu Trigeros made a very good break, then brought Bulaye Dia alone against Edouard Mendy, but the Chelsea goalkeeper made a great save, reflecting the blow of the striker of the Spanish team. 

Chelsea created new tension in front of Villarreal in the 35th minute. Marcos Alonso received a good pass in the penalty area of ​​the Spaniards and shot immediately, but Asenjo was careful and saved again. 

A minute later Hakim Ziesh cross from a foul in the penalty area of ​​Villarreal, where Kurt Zuma was left uncovered, but up close, from a difficult position failed to score. 

Hakim Ziesz suffered an injury and was replaced in the 43rd minute by Christian Pulisic. Ziesz suffered an injury to his right shoulder, which was immobilized. The Moroccan footballer is very likely to miss the start of the new season in the Premier League. 

Deep in the added time of the first half, Villarreal missed a great opportunity to equalize. Jeremy Pino passed to Alberto Moreno, who made a very powerful shot, but the ball hit the crossbar of Edouard Mendy's goal and hit the goal line. 

Trevo Chaloba sent a nice diagonal pass to Marcos Alonso, who immediately deflected the ball to Kai Haverz, who shot, but away from the right pillar of the door of Sergio Asenjo. 

Edouard Mendy made a blunder in the 52nd minute and gave the ball to Villarreal players, who quickly developed a counterattack. Gerard Moreno was brought out alone against Mandy and shot, but the Senegalese plunged and managed to deflect the ball enough to meet it then the right pillar of Chelsea's goal. 

Villarreal created danger in front of Chelsea in the 68th minute. Parvis Estupinyan got the ball in a good position, but his shot was deflected by Edouard Mendy. 

Villarreal managed to equalize in the 73rd minute. Antonio Rüdiger made a mistake with clearing a ball that hit My Gomez. He immediately combined with Gerard Moreno, who made a double pass with Dia and with a very nice shot sent the ball into the upper right corner of the door of Edouard Mendy. 

In added time for the regular 90 minutes, there was an opportunity for Chelsea. Marcos Alonso received the ball in the penalty area of ​​Villarreal, but shot away from the right pillar of the door of Sergio Asenjo. 

The regular time ended with a score of 1: 1 and came to two overtimes of 15 minutes each.

In overtime, Chelsea's team was better on the field, and Villarreal was clearly eliminated. Londoners failed to realize the situation in front of the door of Sergio Asenjo. 

Chelsea made an unforgivable pass in the 100th minute. Mason Mount passed to Kai Haverz, who continued to Christian Pulisic, but he shot from the right post of Sergio Asenjo's goal. 

The Chelsea players made a good combination in the 108th minute. Christian Pulisic passed to Mason Mount in the Villarreal penalty area, and he fired, but Sergio Asenjo managed to intervene and take a corner. 

In the last 10 minutes of extra time, Chelsea completely surrounded their opponent in front of his penalty area, but failed to reach a serious goal danger. 

Thomas Tuchel made a curious substitution in the 119th minute, removing the incumbent goalkeeper Edouard Mendy and replacing Kepa Arisabalaga with an idea for the execution of penalties. 

By the end, both teams failed to create anything interesting in front of both gates and came to the execution of penalties. 

Kai Haverz missed the first penalty for Chelsea. The German made a weak performance, which was caught by Sergio Asenjo. 

Villarreal took a 1-0 lead on penalties after Gerard Moreno shot in the bottom left corner of Arisabalaga, the ball hit the left post and flew into the net. 

Cesar Aspilicueta scored the second penalty for Chelsea, equalizing the score 1: 1. 

Kepa Arisabalaga deflected the shot of Aisa Mandi and the result remained 1: 1.

Marcos Alonso slipped, but scored for 2: 1 for Chelsea.

Villarreal scored the third penalty through Parvis Estupinyan, who tied the score 2: 2.

Mason Mount realized the fourth penalty in cold blood and made the score 3: 2 in favor of Chelsea.

My Gomez scored very accurately, although Arisabalaga caught the corner. The Villarreal player sent the ball right to the right post and thus equalized the score 3: 3.

Jorgeninho sent the ball right in the middle of the goal and Chelsea took the lead with 4: 3.

Daniel Raba sent Kepa Arisabalaga to the other corner, equalizing the score 4: 4, sending the penalties to "sudden death".

Christian Pulisic kept his cool and put the ball in the right corner of Asenjo's goal for 5: 4 for Chelsea.

Juan Voight realized the penalty without any problems for 5: 5, sending the Chelsea goalkeeper in the opposite corner.

Asenjo remained in the center of the goal, but Antonio Rüdiger would forcefully beat in the right corner and Chelsea took the lead with 6: 5.

Kepa Arisabalaga saved the penalty of Raul Albiol and Chelsea is the new winner of the European Super Cup!

Chelsea - Villarreal 7: 6

1: 0 Hakim Zies 27 '

1: 1 Gerard Moreno 73 '

Chelsea: 16. Edouard Mendy - 15. Kurt Zuma (65 '- 4. Andreas Christensen), 14. Trevo Chaloba, 2. Antonio Rüdiger - 20. Callum Hudson-Odoi, 7. N'Golo Kante (65' - 5). Giorgino), 17. Mateo Kovacic, 3. Marcos Alonso - 22. Hakim Zies (43 '- 10. Christian Pulisic), 29. Kai Haverz - 11. Timo Werner (65' - 19. Mason Mount)

Villarreal: 1. Sergio Asenjo - 8. Juan Voit, 3. Raul Albiol, 4. Pau Torres, 24. Alfonso Pedraza (58 '- 12. Parvis Estupanian) - 14. Manu Trigeros (70' - 23. My Gomez), 25. Etienne Capu (70 '- 2. Mario Gaspar), 18. Alberto Moreno - 21. Jeremy Pino, 7. Gerard Moreno, 16. Boulay Dia

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