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Chelsea continue to pay Lampard's salary

Chelsea continue to pay Lampard's salary

Frank Lampard will have to be offered a job that is too good to give up the £ 1.8 million salary that Chelsea continues to pay him.

When Lampard was sacked by Chelsea last month, the club did not pay the remainder of his contract but continued to pay him every month.

Londoners pay Lampard £ 75,000 a week and will continue to pay the amount until the end of July, unless he finds work elsewhere.

This puts Lampard in a position where any job offer he receives will potentially cost him a fortune.

The 42-year-old is happy to take a break from the game shortly after his dismissal, after three seasons under great pressure since taking over Darby County. He led the Rams to the final of the Championship playoffs, then accepted the challenge to take on Chelsea and led the team to the top 4 in the Premier League.

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