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Chelsea came out with an open letter to their fans after the scandals around the Super League

Chelsea came out with an open letter to their fans after the scandals around the Super League

Chelsea published an open letter to their fans after the tension that arose between the two countries, after it became clear that the "blues" from London are part of the founding clubs of the Super League.

"The owner and manager of Chelsea Football Club would like to address supporters about the events of the last few days. It has taken us a while since we withdrew from the European Super League to talk directly to the fans and listen to their views and concerns.
Our ambition has always been to make Chelsea the best club in the world, both on the field and the way we work.

The joint decision to join the Super League is guided by the same ambition. When it became clear that a new league could be formed, we did not want Chelsea to miss the opportunity to play in such a potentially famous league, nor did we want to risk the club falling behind our closest English and European rivals.

As a club, we are engaged in an open and regular dialogue with our fans and other stakeholders, but on this occasion, unfortunately, due to time constraints and confidentiality restrictions, this was not achieved.

As concerns were expressed after the announcement of the project, the club took a step back to listen and talk to its fans. After these talks, and given the extremely strong views against the proposal, we re-evaluated our initial decision and decided that we did not want to be part of this league.

We also acknowledge the sentiment on whether the Super League relies heavily on sporting merit. This is something we had serious concerns about from the outset and we were convinced that it would be addressed during a further consultation process with various stakeholders, along with other concepts in the proposal for which we had reservations. "We firmly believe that we need to defend a structure that allows all clubs, players and supporters to dream and succeed," Stamford Bridge wrote.

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