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Chelsea - Atletico Madrid Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Chelsea - Atletico Madrid Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

This Wednesday, March 17, 2021, Chelsea host Atlético Madrid for a match counting for the knockout stages of the 2020-2021 edition of the Champions League. This match will take place at Stamford Bridge in London (England) and kick off will be at 9:00 p.m. (French time). During the first leg, on February 23, Chelsea won 1-0 in Bucharest (Romania) thanks to a great achievement by Olivier Giroud in the 68th minute of play.

Chelsea strengthened the defense a lot!

Chelsea are already 12 games without a loss under the leadership of Thomas Tuchel.

And another team from the English Premier League has joined the group of those for whom the symbol of faith is called "strong defense".

Let's look at just their last 3 games.

They conceded exactly 0 goals. Moreover, against Liverpool, Everton and Leeds, which are not at all famous as harmless in attack.

More interesting, however, are the data from the allowed goal positions on xG against these opponents. And so - 0.25, 0.27 and 0.38.

Ie almost no striking situations for their goalkeeper.

Notice, in total, only 6 accurate shots on goal. As 4 of them are from Leeds.

These numbers say it all about the style and the highlights of Chelsea's game.

Those looking for spectacles have already given up on Tuhel's team.

After in 11 of their 12 meetings under his leadership, results were obtained with less than 2.5 goals each.

In their last match of the English Premier League, they saved Alonso, Werner and Giroud for this match.

Atletico Madrid is under pressure!

Atletico Madrid are in a crisis period in La Liga with only 2 wins from their last 6 games.

In this way they allowed the pursuers to shorten the distance.

It is possible, of course, to have some decline in form.

But in my opinion, it is more than the great mental burden that weighs on the team in the fight for the title in Spain.

The last meters to the finish are always the hardest.

The good news is that they no longer have any staffing problems. And Diego Simeone has all the best.

Prediction for Chelsea - Atletico

What do we have in mind for this match?

Two teams whose strength is defense. And a result (1-0 for Chelsea) that does not require anyone to take big risks.

A cautious approach with saturation of the middle part of the field is the most expected from both Tuhel and Simeone.

It will be played on the principle: "We do what we do best and wait for the opponent's mistake."

I want to tell you that I will not be surprised at all by a zero draw or a 1-0 victory for either team in regular time.

Thus, 2 of these 3 possibilities are related to Atletico Madrid not allowing a goal in the match.

And this is a better-appreciated case than Chelsea.

I play it with a little over average bet.

Our Prediction Chelsea Atlético Madrid
Winner by 1 goal to 0 three weeks ago, Chelsea took a small option on qualifying for the quarter-finals of the Champions League. For this return match, the Blues will have to rely on this precious goal scored away to try to make a positive result against a team from Atlético Madrid who will do everything to advance to the next round of the competition. For our prognosis, we are betting on a victory for Chelsea.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Chelsea have not lost in their last 13 games: 9-4-0.
  • Chelsea have not lost in their last 7 home games: 5-2-0.
  • Chelsea have recorded 10 clean sheets in their last 12 games.
  • Atletico have lost just 2 of their last 13 games: 7-4-2.
  • Atletico have not lost in their last 6 away games: 4-2-0.
  • He has under 2.5 goals in the last 8 games for Chelsea, as well as in 6 of Atletico's 7.
  • In the past, Chelsea and Atlético Madrid have faced each other 8 times since 2009: 3 wins for Chelsea, 3 draws and 2 wins for Atlético Madrid. In 3 confrontations in the English capital, Chelsea won once against Atlético Madrid in the Champions League (for 1 draw and 1 defeat).
  • In their respective leagues, Chelsea were hooked on Leeds' ground in the English Premier League and Atlético Madrid went to draw Getafe in the Spanish La Liga.
  • Olivier Giroud, author of 6 goals since the start of the competition, will be one of the players to watch for Chelsea.
  • Chelsea are undefeated in their last 13 games in all competitions.
  • Atlético Madrid have only won one away match in their last 3 Champions League trips.

Chelsea's last 5 games:

03/13/21 PL Leeds Chelsea 0: 0 Р
03/08/21 PL Chelsea Everton 2: 0 P
03/04/21 PL Liverpool Chelsea 0: 1 P
02/28/21 PL Chelsea Man Yun 0: 0 Р
02/23/21 SHL Atletico Chelsea 0: 1 P

Last 5 Atletico Madrid matches:

03/13/21 LL Getafe Atletico 0: 0 Р
03/10/21 LL Atletico Bilbao 2: 1 P
03/07/21 LL Atletico Real M 1: 1 Р
02/28/21 LL Villarreal Atletico 0: 2 P
02/23/21 SHL Atletico Chelsea 0: 1 З

Last 5 direct meetings:

02/23/21 SHL Atletico Chelsea 0: 1
12/05/17 SHL Chelsea Atletico 1: 1
09/27/17 SHL Atletico Chelsea 1: 2
04/30/14 SHL Chelsea Atletico 1: 3
04/22/14 SHL Atletico Chelsea 0: 0

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