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By the end of the month they will adopt the new format of the Champions League

By the end of the month they will adopt the new format of the Champions League

A new format of the Champions League with 36 teams and ten matches in the group stage from 2024 can be approved and adopted this month, revealed the president of the Association of European Clubs (AEK) Andrea Agnelli.

Anielli announced that he expects the issue of how the additional four quotas will be distributed in the coming weeks, after which UEFA will agree on the reforms that will put an end to the idea of ​​a European Super League. UEFA Secretary General Giorgio Marchetti commented on the rumors about the Super League during his statement at the AEK General Assembly. "Cooperatives can be lost when insidious ideas are pursued under the pretext of survival, growth and business needs," Marketti said.

The new format of the Champions League is based on the idea of ​​Ajax CEO Edwin van der Sar, and in the first phase of the competition the teams will now play ten matches against rivals at different levels. In this way, a general ranking will be prepared, which together with the playoffs will determine the participants in the elimination phase in the spring. The European Championships want the extra four places to be given to the middleweight champions, who currently have to play in the playoffs, but it is more likely that two of the quotas will be set as "wild cards" and set aside for the strongest championships. to have a fifth participant in the tournament.

Under the new format, teams will have more involvement in Europe, and according to Agnelli, this can be offset by reducing the number of teams in domestic leagues. "We are trying to achieve a balance of one third of international matches and two thirds of matches in the domestic championship. We believe that in order to have a good balance, 20 teams in one championship is too many," said the president of Juventus.

At the same time, Agnelli hinted that other serious changes in European football were being prepared, including a ban on transfers between the continent's leading teams. "The moment is good for big decisions. We need to think about a wide range of reforms. We can think of a transfer system whereby teams are classified in certain groups and will not be able to buy players from each other. This will improve indirect solidarity with others. teams and will end transfers for nine-figure sums between teams participating in the Champions League. We are discussing these elements, "Anieli explained.

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