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Bulgaria - Italy Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Bulgaria - Italy Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

What is positive for Bulgaria?

Let's make an assessment of the Bulgarian team.

Leaving aside the negative result after the 1-3 loss to Switzerland.

I'll start with the positive. Because it is only one.

According to Yasen Petrov, there were real friendly relations in the locker room. And there was no reproach to each other for the loss.

Well, ok, let those footballers be friends. And to go to restaurants together.

But let's see the negative things.

What are the problems of Bulgaria?

I specify that I have taken all the findings out of the context of the press conference between the two matches.

1. Lack of physical condition.

Our team was not used to playing every 3 days. And some players gained a "perception" of fatigue after the loss.

2. Poor mental state and low self-esteem.

The players were like a boxer who was afraid of his opponent. And they had a lot of accumulated mental negativity.

3. Low tactical culture.

They forgot and did not follow any of the tactical instructions for the match. 

4. Personnel problems.

Excuses in the sense that 4 debutants were used, and 6 more were waiting on the bench.

Well, after all these confessions from the team's coach, would you vote a gram of confidence in such a damaged team from everywhere?

He would change tactics and make many changes around the lineup. Complete chaos means to expect.

And whether anyone will understand something from the tactics, the answer is clear.

He could not prepare them for 3 days for such meetings. And it's good that no one hears it anywhere in the world.

Italy can underestimate the match?

Italy come a bit like a trip for this meeting.

But most likely Roberto Mancini is trying to protect his players from underestimating the match.

However, his players can not help but be subject to constant comments about the Bulgarian team.

Namely, that the Lions will be the main donor of points in this qualifying campaign.

They have probably read that the Bulgarian team has 40 times lower market value than theirs.

And our two most expensive players Delev and Galabinov have left a mark, but mainly in the low levels of Italian football.

Forecast for Bulgaria - Italy

I choose to make the wish of everyone on the Bulgarian national football team come true for a more dignified performance.

Which, combined with a great deal of underestimation by the guests, sounds to me like the prestigious 1-0 for Italy.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Bulgaria has won only 1 of its last 10 games: 1-2-7.
  • Bulgaria has not lost to Italy in its last 4 households.
  • Italy have not lost in their last 23 games: 18-5-0.
  • Italy have recorded 7 clean sheets in their last 8 matches.

Last 5 matches of Bulgaria:

03/25/21 SC Bulgaria Switzerland 1: 3 З
11/18/20 LN Ireland Bulgaria 0: 0 Р
11/15/20 LN Bulgaria Finland 1: 2 З
11.11.20 PS Bulgaria Gibraltar 3: 0 P
10/14/20 LN Bulgaria Wales 0: 1 З

Last 5 Italy matches:

03/25/21 SC Italy S. Ireland 2: 0 P
11/18/20 LN Bosnia Italy 0: 2 P
11/15/20 LN Italy Poland 2: 0 P
11.11.20 PS Italy Estonia 4: 0 P
10/14/20 LN Italy The Netherlands 1: 1 Р

Last 5 direct meetings:

09/06/15 EP Italy Bulgaria 1: 0
03/28/15 EP Bulgaria Italy 2: 2
09/06/13 SC Italy Bulgaria 1: 0
07.09.12 SC Bulgaria Italy 2: 2
09.09.09 SC Italy Bulgaria 2: 0

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