Betting on Favourites to Win the Match

Betting on favourites football

Many football bettors fail to understand that profit-making does not come that easily. Most of them do look for odds that are high, not knowing that they may lose whatever they are looking for. Therefore, we want to do you huge favour of showing you how betting on favourites will help.

There is no doubt that most of the time the favourite football clubs to win the matches are awarded lower rates or odds compared to the outsiders. But, there are many reasons for this. The reasons that seek to reinforce why those odds were distributed that way include:

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Factors to include when Betting on Favourites

  • The quality of the players from the favourite team could be above average compared to those from the other teams. When such a case happens, the bookmakers’ odds compilers do take note of that and then proceed to award those teams the odds that way. Nevertheless, there are other factors that the odd compilers do consider apart from the quality of the players.


  • Public opinions do count, too. Though it might not be considered as the main factor, bookmakers’ always take heed of what the public says concerning a certain match. So, get to know that those rates have been lowered for this other reason.


  • One other thing that the odd compilers do look at is the previous encounters between the competing teams. There is a likelihood that one of the two teams has been outclassing the other for quite a while. Although it is not mandatory that the same will continue, but the team that has been shining for a while will try to keep the records the way they are no matter what.


  • Team news is very important to follow. The compilers do follow the news very closely to make sure that they got the right odds and do the adjustments appropriately just in case a crucial player gets injured during training or has been sidelined due to a large number of accumulated yellow cards or just because of a red card booking. There are other reasons why a football player might miss out on the game but the main reasons are normally due to bookings, injuries or health-related problems.


  • The big favourites could have been given lower odds because of their current performance in the league table. If they are performing really well, chances are they will win that match too the way they have been winning the rest. This, therefore, means that a punter needs to look at that. No matter the size of the rates, there is a high possibility that the punter will get a payoff by betting on favourites. The payoff might look “peanuts” to the punter but at least he/she will have gotten the profit.


  • The fixture of the two teams does matter a lot. Between the two, one of them might have a tight schedule compared to the other. This definitely means that the other team will be the big favourites to win the match especially if the team with tight fixture field in young and inexperienced players in a move to preserve their quality players for the upcoming important fixture. This should be a chance for the bettor to take a risk and place a bet on that team which is advantaged in such cases. It is because the outcome of the match will most probably favour them.


  • The big favourites might be having a style of play that suits them the most, most of the time. The favourite team might be using a total football style of play whereby any player on that team can score a goal at any time. Thus, if they are playing against a weaker team, they will most likely come out as the winners in that game. If that is not one of the many strategies that will help a gambler make a decision then I do not know which one will.


  • When betting on favourites weather conditions or ground conditions are other great factors to consider. There are those teams that perform very well even under extremely harsh conditions. During rainy seasons, there are some teams which do perform well on the ground than their opponents. They are therefore the probable team to emerge as victors in that match. This thus presents a beautiful opportunity to the punters to place bets on those teams that perform well in such weather conditions.



A bettor needs to exhaust all the stats that are available for both teams that are to clash in the upcoming fixture. There is obviously one team that has a good record compared to the other. The stats could also include the overall and individual discipline in the teams. There are teams that have poor discipline and tend to get booked more often. There is a high possibility that the team might end up 10 or 9 men less at the end of the game. If a punter is able to foresee such scenarios, which at times might not happen, then he/she might be able to easily identify the team that will emerge as the winners at the end of the 90 minutes of any football match.

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