Banker Bet of the Day and Best Betting Tips

Banker Bet Of The Day

What is a banker bet?

Banker bet of the day is a term commonly used when a heavy favourite is expected to win the match. However, many beginners don’t realize that in addition to standard betting, you can also place a different type of bet. A banker bet represents a part of a system bet (like a football accumulator, for example) that must win. Otherwise, the entire bet fails. Because of the importance of the banker bet succeeding, the better will usually choose their banker to be the bet within a system that they feel has the highest probability of success.


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We give you some betting advice about all the details you need to consider when betting on banker bets so you can win. Nowadays it is a very popular trend to bet on a series of low odds matches in a combination or challenge bet.


Banker Bets in Football Accumulators

Punters will pick a banker bet of the day that they have immense confidence in. By slipping one into a multiple, you can make, let’s say a treble for example. Then you have two a bit riskier bets to build up the profit from, instead of trying to shoot for all three riskier bets. Clearly, betting on the outcome of an individual match may not offer attractive enough odds because the market will heavily favour one outcome. However, if several of these bets are joined together, then the possibilities increase as does the range of potential results.

How to Win the Big Football Accumulator Bets

On the other hand, it is important to stay away from combined bets that have too many selections. The more bets you include in your accumulator, the greater the range there is for something to go wrong. The smart punters will rarely go for any accumulator involving more than three or four matches.


Does banker give value for money and a better chance of winning?

It depends on how good you are at selecting your banker bets. Value isn’t as simple as finding a football team on a winning streak that is priced at high odds against a team that has lost a few games in a row. It is about understanding what betting odds represent and calculating your own probability estimation. As well as converting it into odds and then looking for discrepancies in what you believe the odds should be. Using banker bets is a good way to build up a series of doubles, trebles and football accumulators without backing single bets.

It is considerably cheaper to back all the possible doubles and trebles using a banker bet of the day than it is to do likewise on a standard bet. Placing money on a single banker bet could be also a winning strategy in the long run. In that way, your bankroll gets bigger very slowly. However, this strategy requires bettors to risk pretty much their entire stake on every bet. Although there are obvious favourites, with very low odds, you should be careful when betting on such bets.


Computer generated tips

best betBased on football data about teams from the past, computers model outcomes of games in order to predict future encounters. Using well established statistical methods along with the help of artificial intelligence it’s possible to generate banker bet of the day a few times per week. Computer generated tips and bankers are widely popular. For example, looking across all the home win football predictions in a single league will give us a percentage success rate for home wins for that particular league. Also, we can improve on this even further by executing the exact same strategy and filter. It will obtain a percentage success rate for each league worldwide. This means we can now look for the league which produces the best overall home win football prediction success rate. Also, we can look for home win predictions for the coming fixtures.


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