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Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Athletic Bilbao vs Barcelona Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Athletic Bilbao throws all their strength!

Curiously, Athletic Bilbao played a final for the same King's Cup only 2 weeks ago.

Then the match was against Real Sociedad in the postponed match from last season. And they lost it 0-1.

Now they have the right to a new experience. But this time they play the role of an absolute outsider.

And there is no other way, since they are in a series of 6 games without a win, 4 of which are losses.

However, in January they triumphed with the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona after extra time.

In addition, Athletic Bilbao finished the season in La Liga. Where he is in the middle of the standings and without any other goals there.

Therefore, the decline in motivation and poor results in the championship recently are expected and logical.

Because all thoughts and forces are now focused on this final of the Copa del Rey.

Defenders Jerai Alvarez and Yuri Berciche are out due to injuries.

Barcelona loses the big battles!

There is a huge disappointment in Barcelona after the loss in El Clásico. And the early relegation from the Champions League before that.

If Ronald Koeman wants to keep his place, then his team must win the King's Cup.

But the Catalans have definitely failed in all the big games of the season so far.

Losing to PSG, Real Madrid and the same Athletic Bilbao for the Spanish Super Cup in mid-January.

In addition, the Catalans failed to cope in the matches with Atletico Madrid.

On the plus side for Kuman, however, are his good relations with the players. As a large part of the team, he fully supports him.

And let's not forget that until El Clásico Barcelona was in a series of 9 games without a loss, 7 of which were victories.

Defender Gerard Pique is still feeling uncomfortable in his knee and is in question.

Philippe Coutinho continues to recover. But everyone else is online.

Forecast for Bilbao - Barcelona

Barcelona will certainly want to make up for the loss in El Clásico. But the King's Cup is hardly their priority.

For Ronald Koeman it is most likely. But for the players I doubt that this match will be a great incentive, albeit a final.

However, Barça are 2 points behind the leader in La Liga. And certainly their efforts and thoughts are focused mainly on that.

But how to bet against a team where Messi plays? Who can solve every match with just a moment of inspiration.

However, Athletic Bilbao is a bony nut for the Catalans. And they have actually lost only 3 of the last 8 collisions with them.

All three victories were exactly one goal difference.

If Barcelona still manages to succeed with such a minimal difference, at least our bet will be canceled.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Bilbao have not won in their last 6 games: 0-4-2.
  • He has under 2.5 goals in the last 5 matches of Bilbao.
  • Barcelona have lost just 1 of their last 10 games: 7-2-1.
  • He has scored in 4 of Barcelona's last 5 games.

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