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Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Asian Handicap Betting Explained

Asian handicap betting is gaining popularity and anyone who loves football betting should be familiar with the basics of this type of prediction.

Although it may seem a bit confusing at first glance, calculating the profit from an Asian handicap is not so difficult to understand, especially since you are familiar with the dynamics of this type of bet.

In the following lines we will look at what this bet is, give an example of an Asian handicap and explain how this type of prediction is calculated.

What is an Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a form of football betting originating in Indonesia . In recent years, this type of bet has become more common in Europe and is offered by more and more sports betting sites due to its flexible and dynamic nature.

Why did the Asian handicap become so popular?

The Asian Handicap offers an additional option for bets in matches where there is a clear favorite and the final outcome is clear. An example of this type of match is a match between a contender for the Premier League title and the last in the standings. In such a match, the odds of the final winner of the match will be too low for the title contenders. However, the way in which the Asian handicap is determined gives us equal chances to both opponents . Yes, the last in the standings will most likely lose the match, but will it be 2 or more goals difference?

Is an Asian Handicap a pledge of value?

Another reason why Asian handicap has become so popular is due to their ability to provide value to the bet. For example, if you like to bet on outsider teams at high odds, it is possible for weeks to pass without you winning, even if you correctly identify which teams to bet on. The Asian Handicap allows players to find value in outsider teams while enjoying consistent profits .

Asian Handicap example and explanation

So what exactly is an Asian handicap? As mentioned briefly in the previous paragraph, the Asian Handicap is trying to create a 50-50 situation in which both teams have an equal chance of winning. Depending on the difference in classes between the two teams, the goal line is different. For our example, we will use the Asian Handicap -1.5, which is shown as follows:

Chelsea -1.5
Sunderland +1.5

Chelsea received a negative handicap of -1.5 goals, and their opponents Sunderland received a positive handicap of +1.5 goals.

What does this mean?

If you bet on Chelsea in this market, they will have to beat Sunderland by more than 1.5 goals to win this bet, or in other words, Chelsea will have to win by at least 2 goals. On the other hand, if you bet on Sunderland at +1.5, your bet will be winning if they win the match, end in a draw or lose by less than 1.5 goals (in other words 1 goal).

If the result at the end of the match is a 2: 1 victory for Chelsea over Sunderland and you bet on Chelsea -1.5, just remove 1.5 goals from Chelsea's assets. After a simple calculation, the result is as follows - Chelsea 0.5: Sunderland 1. Unfortunately, although Chelsea won the match, your bet is losing, as Chelsea have not won by more than 1.5 goals (in other words 2 goals). If you had bet on the reverse bet - Sunderland +1.5, your bet would have been winning, although Sunderland lost the match because they lost by only 1 goal with an advance of +1.5.

Asian Handicap Quarters

So far, betting on an Asian handicap seems easy and is no different from betting on a European handicap. What creates confusion and headaches among beginners are the Asian Handicap quarters .

This type of Asian handicap, also known as a split, is used to combine two Asian handicap bets. Let's look at an example:

Arsenal -1.25
Stoke City +1.25

In this example, Arsenal are favorites with a negative handicap of -1.25 goals, and Stoke City have an advance of +1.25 goals before the match. What this means?

Let's say you expect Arsenal to win this match easily and you bet BGN 100 for them in the Asian handicap -1.25. When you make this bet of BGN 100, you are actually betting on 2 bets of BGN 50 each. One half of BGN 50 is for an Asian handicap Chelsea -1 goal, and the other BGN 50 you have bet for an Asian handicap Chelsea -1.5 goals. Combined, the Asian Handicap -1 and Asian Handicap -1.5 goals are presented as a combination of the Asian Handicap -1.25 goals. It makes sense, doesn't it?

Let's assume that the match was played and Chelsea won by only 1 goal difference. Let's look at what this means for our bet.

USD 50 for Chelsea Asian Handicap -1.5 goals - unfortunately the bet is losing, as Chelsea had to win with at least 2 goals to make a profit, and they won with only 1 goal.
USD 50 for Chelsea Asian Handicap -1 - you were lucky not to lose, but you also failed to win. Chelsea won with only 1 goal and this means that this bet of USD 50 is refunded on your balance.
So your bet on Chelsea -1.25 Asian Handicap looks like this:

Chelsea -1.5, USD 50. bet, result: -50 USD
Chelsea -1, 50 USD. bet, result: USD 0

Although your bet is not winning, you only lose USD 50 from it.



Asian Handicap is one of the most dynamic and exciting bets at the moment . Asian Handicap will give you the opportunity to win often even when you bet on teams that are outsiders in a given match.

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