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Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Monday's match ends with a London derby at its Emirates Stadium, Arsenal host Crystal Palace in the last game of the eighth round of the Premier League. The places in the second half of the standings are unsatisfactory for both teams and today we think it will be very interesting.

For Arsenal, the start was a nightmare with three consecutive heavy losses without a goal - 0: 2 in another derby by rookie Brentford and 0: 5 from the champion Manchester City as a guest, and between them on this field with 0: 2 against Chelsea, again in london derby. The "gunners" led by Mikel Arteta then improved their aim, achieving four consecutive victories, three of them in the championship - a minimum of 1: 0 over Norwich at home and against Burnley abroad and the most important success so far, again in the derby of this stadium against Tottenham with 3: 1. Before the break, their first draw was fixed - 0: 0 with Brighton as a guest, but Arsenal was literally crushed at times and should be happy not to lose. Today, however, against an undefeated opponent on this field in the last three seasons will not be very easy, and the three points are extremely important, everyone expects the unemployed in the "Gunners" tournaments.

Crystal Palace, without such excessive ambitions, follow the plan from last season to be at least far from the danger zone and so far they can be relatively satisfied with the 7 points scored. It could have been far better, but the many draws - four, with two in the last rounds not allowing them to be ahead of the "Eagles" led by the former Dutch national Patrick Vieira, played four derbies in their first seven matches - 0: 3 from Chelsea away in the first round, 0: 0 with Brentford at home, 2: 2 with West Ham as guests and their only victory, but what - 3: 0 over Tottenham, to recall the heroic 2: 2 at home after 0: 2 with Leicester just before the break. Today they will be satisfied with the fifth draw, although there is not much progress with the draw, but it is important to continue the series of two games without a loss.

Here are the very interesting and productive last six matches - in 2018 - 2019 - 2: 2 at Selhurst Park and 3: 2 for Crystal Palace at this stadium. In 2019 - 2020 - two goal draws - 2: 2 on this field and 1: 1 in the home of the "Eagles". Last season again a draw of the Emirates - 0: 0, but a victory for Arsenal as a guest with 3: 1. You see, full parity, a lot of goals and 4 draws, however, with just under 4/1 the favorites are the "Gunners", the tips are not many, but they are diverse - X2, no goal, over 2.5 goals and 1. We will risk recommending you another option, surprisingly "dropped" from the computer, with a very tempting and high odds, something happened in 5 of these last 6 matches - goal / goal prediction

Arsenal against Crystal Palace

Not only because it is a London derby, but it is a mistake to predict the final outcome of this match.

Both teams are in positions in the standings that do not correspond to what they have demonstrated as a game.

Arsenal is in 13th place. But according to xG, the expected goal data should be on the 16th.

Crystal Palace is on the 14th position in the table. And they deserve to be on the 12th.

All this makes it even more difficult to predict what will happen in the upcoming meeting.

Arsenal does not inspire confidence

Arsenal are generally one of the teams with the fewest goals.

But they are very efficient in their implementation.

At the same time, they are exceeding expectations in defense.

This is due to the combination of far fewer goals scored than the many positions allowed in front of his door.

Overall, with this constellation, expectations are for a negative trend for Arsenal. Particularly pronounced in the visits.

The whole picture is completely confused by the fact that the Gunners started with 3 consecutive losses this season.

True, among them were those from Chelsea and Manchester City.

This was followed by 3 consecutive victories. As well as a draw with Brighton in their last Premier League game.

In which, however, they were outplayed on the field. And they were very lucky.

It is a real madness to vote confidence in such a team. And at the odds offered for their victory.

Crystal Palace is not to be underestimated

Crystal Palace are under Arsenal in terms of results, ie in the standings.

But they are above them in created goal positions. And they are in 4th place in the least number of goals in the Premier League.

That is, the Eagles played better than the Gunners.

However, they are also generally a team that is expected to go down. And especially in their visits.

Prediction for Arsenal - Crystal Palace

In a match between two teams descending a sloping plane, we have to look for another place for a football prediction .

And not to bet on the final outcome.

Judge Mike Dean comes to our aid. He has shown at least 4 cards in 4 of his last 5 matches.

However, the main line for cardboards is for over 4.5.

Probably achievable. But the rule in such a situation is to play for the cards of a particular player.

Defenders are most often under fire. But bookmakers are also aware of this trend.

However, the odds for the midfielders are far better.

With some pressure expected from Arsenal, it makes the most sense to look at the offers for the three Crystal Palace midfielders.

Connor Gallagher has the most average fouls per game. And right after him is James McArthur.

But the odds for the latter are significantly better.

I played for his card then with my prediction.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • Arsenal have not lost in their last 6 games: 5-1-0.
  • Arsenal have recorded 5 clean sheets in their last 6 games.
  • Crystal Palace is in a series of 4 visits without a win: 0-1-3.
  • He has over 2.5 goals in 4 of the last 5 games at Crystal Palace.
  • Palace have not lost in their last 3 away games against Arsenal: 1-2-0.

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