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AC Milan - Manchester United Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

AC Milan - Manchester United Football Prediction, Betting Tip & Match Preview

Milan is a ruined yard at home!

Milan made mistakes in recent months in Serie A, which separated them by 9 points from the leader in the standings.

From their last 9 matches in all tournaments they have only 2 victories. And they lost their last one at home against Napoli 0-1.

Milan are in a series of 4 households without a win on all fronts.

Their poor performance at home is accompanied by many hits by their standards.

A total of 2/3 of the goals in their goal are at home.

Chalhanoglu and Hernandez are back for this match. But Ibrahimovic, Romagnoli and Benaser are in question.

Manchester United is a good guest!

Manchester United are also in 2nd place in their home league. 14 points from the first in the standings.

But they are also 9 points away from the 5th. That is, their place to participate in the Champions League is well secured.

They are most impressive, however, with their incredible record without a loss as a guest.

As well as with the most goals scored and the fewest goals conceded outside after Man City in the English Premier League.

They have no away losses in a total of 12 matches from all tournaments. Although half of them are draws.

Van de Beek, Cavani and Pogba are expected to return to Manchester United for this visit to Milan.

Prediction for AC Milan - Man United

What do we have in the end to summarize about this match?

First of all, we can assume that both teams will have almost optimal lineups, unlike the first match.

That is, we can completely disregard this forecast component.

If we look at the situation in the local championships of both teams, however, two important points make an impression.

First, at least in recent months, Manchester United seem a little more convincing.

But we cannot accept the difference as significant.

However, something else is very important.

For reasons that we do not need to discuss in detail now, but both teams are strong guests and unconvincing hosts.

Here is a curious moment on which the outcome of the meeting depends.

It turns out that everything will be decided by who will do how as a guest.

Milan managed for 1-1 in the first match. And this is a huge advantage.

But it is an advantage only to continue in the eventual tournament. And not to win a rematch.

Now as guests, that is, in a more advantageous playing position are Manchester United.

Against another team from Italy I would not give any chance to the English. But not against Milan.

Why? Well, because everyone, even the host, will give them the initiative in the match. And he will play defensively.

And this is exactly what the Red Devils are not doing well against.

Unfortunately, however, the Rossoneri are not a team that defends well.

Thus, I expect someone's advantage with no more than a goal difference in the final result.

But since there is only 1 such option in favor of Milan and 2 in favor of the guests, I will choose a victory for Manchester United.

I mean, in the end, the Italians, even with 1 goal behind, it is very possible to accept the result.

While with the British it can not happen.

Top facts and statistics for the match

  • AC Milan have won just 2 of their last 9 games: 2-4-3.
  • Milan is in a series of 4 households without a win: 0-2-2.
  • Man United have not lost in their last 13 games: 5-8-0.
  • Man United have not lost in their last 12 visits: 6-6-0.
  • He has under 2.5 goals in the last 4 games of Milan, as well as in the last 6 of Man United.

Milan's last 5 matches:

03/14/21 CA. Milan Napoli 0: 1 З
03/11/21 LE Man UTD Milan 1: 1 Р
03/07/21 CA. Verona Milan 0: 2 P
03.03.21 CA. Milan Udinese 1: 1 Р
02/28/21 CA. Roma Milan 1: 2 P

Last 5 Manchester United games:

03/14/21 PL Man UTD West Ham 1: 0 P
03/11/21 LE Man UTD Milan 1: 1 Р
03/07/21 PL Man City Man UTD 0: 2 P
03.03.21 PL Kr. Palace Man UTD 0: 0 Р
02/28/21 PL Chelsea Man UTD 0: 0 Р

Last 5 direct meetings:

03/11/21 LE Man UTD Milan 1: 1
08/03/19 KSh Man UTD Milan 3: 2
(2: 2)
07/26/18 KSh Milan Man UTD 1: 2
(1: 1)
March 10, 2010 SHL Man UTD Milan 4: 0
02/16/10 SHL Milan Man UTD 2: 3

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