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Abramovich has 81 days to sell Chelsea

Abramovich has 81 days to sell Chelsea

Roman Abramovich has 81 days to sell Chelsea or risk the club sharing financial armageddon, the island's media reported.

The British government has effectively taken control of the "blues" after the Russian billionaire was placed on the list of sanctioned persons by the United Kingdom.

Sponsor "Three" has suspended its contract of 40 million pounds this season, and Chelsea is facing an additional potential financial black hole of nearly 66 million pounds if the prize funds from the Premier League and UEFA are withheld.

It turned out that the "license" that will allow Chelsea to play until the end of the season will not be renewed if Roman Abramovich does not sell the club and leave without a penny.

Chelsea executives have been told that the deal must be agreed before the license expires on May 31 to ensure the club's survival as a functioning entity.

A spokesman for the prime minister explained that a specific license could be given to allow the sale of the club. But under no circumstances would any sale allow Roman Abramovich to profit from this or take money from the sale of Chelsea.

Under the license, Chelsea can continue to operate normally and be paid.

But the club are not allowed to sell more tickets this season, which will probably cost £ 600,000 for each Premier League home game. In addition, Chelsea was forced to close its fan shop.

Chelsea must also demand that the terms of the license be changed so that the team can spend more than the allowed 20 thousand pounds per match for travel expenses on the road, and travel to the Champions League costs more than 60 thousand pounds.

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