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9500 spectators will watch the Europa League final

9500 spectators will watch the Europa League final

A maximum of 9,500 spectators will be able to attend the Europa League final this season, which will be played on May 26 in Gdansk. The Polish authorities allowed the attendance of the match within 25% of the stadium's capacity. "Fans from abroad will have to comply with the restrictions and requirements for entry into the country, which will be in force in the days around the final," warned UEFA.

On March 31, the European headquarters lifted the ban on the presence of fans in the two finals - in the Europa League and in the Champions League. In practice, however, access to stadiums will comply with relevant local legislation, which may include the need to demonstrate a vaccine or a negative coronavirus test.

UEFA is granting 2,000 tickets for each of the two teams and another 2,000, which will be available on the site until Friday at noon. Prices are between 40 and 130 euros. The remaining 1,500 tickets will go to the Polish federation, UEFA, business partners and sponsors.

"Tickets will not be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Instead, a draw will be organized after the application deadline.

The Europa League final will be announced on Thursday. In the first matches, Manchester United beat Roma 6: 2, and Villarreal defeated Arsenal 2: 1.

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