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Our gurus have identified the following selections (FRIDAY 14TH - SUNDAY 16TH, DECEMBER 2018) for our exclusive weekend 50-100 odds. Visit link to book/view the games https://www.1960tips.com/50odds/ Kick off timings are in UK time. Good luck!

Sure Odds

Next Set of 50-100 Odds will be available - Friday, 14/12/2018 - View 50-100 Odds

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  • Are they fixed matches?
  • Then what are they?
    They are very safe accumulators running for 3 days.
  • How does it work?
    Simple. We accumulate the SAFEST 4 ODDS for Day One, combine with Day 2 SAFEST 4 ODDS and Day 3 SAFEST 4 ODDS (4x4x4=64).
  • What happens for foiled tips?
    We have your interest large at heart. So if you subscribe for 50-100 ODDS and there is any form of upset, remember you get it 2 times in a week, so you get the next provided!
  • When are the odds provided?
    First set is provided during weekends (Fridays-Sundays) Second set is provided during weekdays (Tuesdays-Thursdays).
  • How do I get the odds?
    After confirmation of payment, your account will be upgraded to enable you access the odds. Booking codes on specified bookmakers will also be provided on the page
  • Does this have any form of effect on my regular subscription?
    NO! 50-100 Odds is an added plan as you can still subscribe for a regular plan & Bookies Bashing Plan
  • How much does this cost?
    Please view our pricing here
  • How do I make payment?
    Click here to get payment details
  • After making payment, what do I do?
    If your account is not upgraded automatically, please kindly send your details by filling our update payment form.Click Here
  • Will my account be upgraded immediately i make payment?
    YES! As soon as your payments are confirmed, your account will be upgraded to the 50-100 Odds Plan to enable you access the tips on the website.
  • Do I send token as a form compensation on winnings?
    NO! Remember it is our passion to help millions of punters across the globe win!

Next Set of 50-100 Odds will be available - Friday, 14/12/2018 - View 50-100 Odds